AMSOIL Interceptor vs. Polaris VES Syn 2-Stroke OilPolaris offers three 2-stroke oil options for the 2016 snowmobile season. Let’s examine the Canadian and US pricing for each Polaris product, look at their intended uses and see which AMSOIL synthetic 2-stroke oil matches up. Then we’ll compare the pricing of Polaris 2-Stroke Oil versus AMSOIL.

About AMSOIL Prices

As we are prohibited from publishing AMSOIL’s wholesale prices, the AMSOIL price comparisons used below are computed using our wholesale program prices “by the case” and include average shipping costs. Remote destinations may have extra freight charges attached.

About Polaris Oil Prices

The prices listed below for Polaris 2-stroke oil products are based on averages from randomly selected Canadian and US Polaris dealers. Retail prices may vary at other locations.

Polaris VES Full Synthetic 2-Cycle Engine Oil Prices

  • $54.99 in Canada (per US gallon)
  • $46.99 in USA (per US gallon)

Previously known as “VES Gold Plus”, VES Full Synthetic is Polaris’s most popular 2-stroke oil for their modern snowmobiles. VES Full Synthetic is formulated to keep variable exhaust power valves clean, emit low exhaust smoke levels deliver acceptable wear protection.

We can offer an outstanding upgrade over VES Full Synthetic that provides elite performance and protection for your Polaris snowmobile engine. AMSOIL Interceptor Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil is perhaps the most renowned 2-stroke sled oil in the industry. Interceptor delivers ultra-clean power valves, maximum power output, extreme cold weather performance and low-smoke. Strong positive customer feedback reinforces these claims.

Price of Polaris VES Full Synthetic 2-Cycle Engine Oil Versus AMSOIL Interceptor

Depending on your location, AMSOIL Interceptor can be shipped to your door for 20% to 30% less than Polaris VES Full Synthetic 2-Cycle Engine Oil when using our wholesale programs. We would argue that Interceptor is a significant upgrade over VES Synthetic, so it is really win-win for Polaris owners wanting to use a great synthetic oil.

Polaris VES Race Full Synthetic 2-Cycle Engine Oil Prices

  • $62.99 Canada (per US gallon)
  • $52.99 USA (per US gallon)

This is Polaris’s top 2-stroke oil that is designed for racing and high-performance trail use. As VES Full Synthetic covers the needs of most high performance snowmobilers, some Polaris dealers do not stock VES Race Oil. VES Race is designed with a high film strength for extra anti-wear protection. VES Race is basically Polaris’s “severe service” 2-stroke oil.

We offer two AMSOIL synthetic substitutes for Polaris VES Race that we would suggest are a strong upgrade at a better price.

For racing and highly modified snowmobile engines (only!), we offer AMSOIL Dominator Synthetic Racing 2-Stroke Oil. Dominator 2-Stroke has a very high film strength that provides an infallible wear barrier during heavy loads and extended periods of extremely hot operating temperatures. This is the exact formula used by AMSOIL’s snocross racing teams, so you are truly buying professional-grade racing oil with Dominator.

For hard recreational riding with relatively stock engines, go with Interceptor. As Dominator 2-Stroke Oil is designed for the extreme heat of racing and/or modified engines, stock engines will not run hot enough to completely burning off Dominator’s additive package. This applies to all stock engines. AMSOIL Interceptor is a great substitute for Polaris VES Race Oil, no matter how hard you push your stock engine.

Price of Polaris VES Race Full Synthetic 2-Cycle Engine Oil Versus AMSOIL

We can smoke the retail price you would pay for VES Synthetic 2-Stroke Race Oil at your Polaris dealer. When purchasing a case of 4 US gallons, both Interceptor and Dominator are well over of 30% cheaper than VES Race Oil. For most locations, that includes shipping right to your door.

Polaris Premium Blue Synthetic Blend 2-Cycle Engine Oil Prices

  • $44.99 Canada (per US gallon)
  • $39.00 USA (per US gallon)

Polaris Premium Blue is a semi-synthetic 2-stroke oil offered by Polaris dealers for snowmobile engines without variable exhaust power valves. This could be for older snowmobiles or newer sleds with the 550cc fan-cooled engine. Premium Blue is designed to provide adequate performance at a moderate price.

We can offer two full full synthetic oils that roundly defeat the semi-synthetic Premium Blue in both performance and price. First we have the “AIO” AMSOIL Injector Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil. It can be used in any snowmobile engine, including those with exhaust power valves. Polaris specifies that Premium Blue should not be used in snowmobile engines with power valves, implying that it will not burn cleanly enough to prevent deposit formation. AIO Injector offers full synthetic benefits including an exceptionally low cold pour point, robust wear control, low smoke and reduced friction.

At the price point for which Polaris is retailing Premium Blue, our first-rate AMSOIL Interceptor Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil could also be considered as a viable replacement. Interceptor is certainly suitable for older engines, sleds without power valves or the very latest 2-strokes on the market.

Price of Polaris Premium Blue Synthetic Blend 2-Cycle Engine Oil versus AMSOIL Injector Oil

“AIO” AMSOIL Injector Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil can be shipped to your door for around 30% less than you can pick up Polaris Premium Blue 2-Stroke Oil at your dealer. Again this a full synthetic versus a synthetic blend, so in our mind, this is a no-brainer.

The elite quality AMSOIL Interceptor Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil is anywhere from 6% to 15% less money than Premium Blue (depending on your location). Those in the market for Premium Blue may not want to go for this high-end full-synthetic oil, but this illustrates Interceptor’s great value.


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