MP Metal Protector

AMSOIL Metal Protector Spray Lube

A synthetic spray that lubricates and protects metal surfaces and mechanisms. Dries leaving a light “waxlike” film. Penetrates rust and corrosion to free seized mechanisms. Displaces moisture and guards against corrosion and rust even in salt water. Excellent for guns, bicycle chains, locks & drying electrical components.

Heavy-Duty Metal Protector

AMSOIL Heavy Duty Metal Protector

A heavy-duty synthetic lubricant that leaves a dry, “waxy” finish that does not attract dirt. Protects surfaces and mechanisms from the rust and corrosion from moisture, salt water or chemicals. Penetrates corrosion to leave tough, long lasting protection. Also excellent as an undercoat. Great for motorcycle and industrial chains, wire ropes or any mechanism in need of long-last lubrication and protection.

 Silicone Spray

AMSOIL Silicone Spray Lube

Great for lubricating metal to non-metal surfaces as well as non-metal to non-metal materials such as nylon, cardboard, plastic, fiberglass or wood. Also great for protecting leather or suede footwear and clothing. A must for keeping rubber car door seals conditioned. USDA H-1 rated for incidental contact with food.

Engine Fogging Oil

AMSOIL Engine Fogging Oil

A must for protecting engine internals during off-season or long-term storage. Prevents rust formation on pistons, cylinder liners, bearings and seals. Prevents “dry-start-up” after long layoffs. Coats engine internals over long periods. Can be used in all 2- and 4-stroke gasoline-fueled engines. Suitable for engines equipped with carburetors or fuel injectors.

Semi-Synthetic Bar & Chain Oil

AMSOIL Bar & Chain Oil

The “clingy” formula and anti-wear additives provide long-lasting protection to chains and bars. Reduces friction for optimum performance. The semi-synthetic blend works in extreme heat or cold to provide all-season operation. Suitable for all chainsaw brands.