A separate aftermarket oil filtration kit that removes wear particles down to one micron! The ultra-fine filtration dramatically extends oil change intervals and engine life. Increases oil capacity and improves oil cooling. Keeps engine oil clean on a constant basis. Can be fitted to most gasoline and diesel engines.

AMSOIL By-Pass Oil Filters

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What is Oil By-Pass Filtration?

AMSOIL Oil Bypass Filter DiagramA by-pass oil filter is an add-on oil filter kit that is far more capable than the standard oil filter on your vehicle. By-pass filters remove wear-causing particles down to less than a micron. Standard full-flow oil filters only remove particles down to 15-25 microns. The dense by-pass filter media slowly cleans the oil over about a 5 minute span, leaving oil almost as clean as it came out of the bottle. This significantly extends oil life and removes virtually all wear-causing particles. When coupled with long-life AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oil, oil change interval lengths can be many multiples of regular oil changes. These systems add engine oil capacity which also extends oil life and contributes to cooler oil temperatures. Optional sample valves make sample-taking for oil analysis a breeze.

Rather than change oil at a set interval, use bypass filtration and lab analysis to scientifically dictate oil change intervals. Save time and money on oil changes, lower engine wear and reduce waste oil. These systems are especially beneficial to those who log big miles. We have systems available for cars, trucks and heavy duty applications. These durable systems can be transferred to future vehicles. Note that you may need to fabricate a mounting bracket for many applications. For more information or pricing on any of these kits, feel free to contact us.

By-Pass Filtration Systems Application Guide

Unparalleled Fine Particle Removal

AMSOIL EaBP Filters have an efficiency of 98.7 percent at two microns. At normal operating RPMs the EaBP Filter will filter all of the oil in a typical five quart sump in less than 10 minutes.

AMSOIL By-Pass filter elements have a filtration effectiveness rating of 98.7% at 2 microns. To illustrate how superior this is to the full-flow filter on the average vehicle, consider that an average factory oil filter might have an effectiveness rating of 85% at 20 microns. The slow-filtering AMSOIL By-Pass kit will clean an entire engine oil capacity in around 10 minutes at highway speed.

What are the Advantages of AMSOIL Oil By-Pass Filters?

  • Filters out particles (less than one micron!) that regular oil filters can’t touch.
  • Increases oil life by significant margin
  • Reduces oil temperatures for better engine cooling
  • Increases engine oil capacity
  • Reduces engine wear
  • Optimizes fuel economy as oil is always clean and friction is constantly in check.

Sturdy Design

AMSOIL EaBP By-Pass Elements are designed with durability in mind.

  • Heavy gauge filter housing
  • Rust resistant base plates
  • Nitrile gaskets
  • Silicone anti-drain-back valves
  • Dual-stage cellulose/synthetic filter media

By-Pass Oil Filter Element Change Interval

The AMSOIL EaBP should be changed at every second full-flow oil filter change or a maximum of 60,000 miles (96,000 km) when using an AMSOIL Ea Oil Filter or Donaldson Endurance Oil Filter. When extending oil change intervals, using oil analysis is strongly recommended.

By-Pass System Increases Engine Oil Capacity

Between the by-pass filter element and the hoses employed by the system, the engine oil capacity is increased by a significant margin. More oil in the system means less strain on every quart. This extra capacity also results in cooler oil temperatures and longer oil life.

The Ultimate Oil Filter

While regular full-flow filters struggle to grab contaminants at 10 to15 microns, AMSOIL EaBP By-Pass filters are removing soot and dirt at a micron. Soot removal is especially important for diesel applications.

Can AMSOIL By-Pass Oil Filters Be Used With Other Brands of Motor Oil?

All AMSOIL By-Pass Oil Filter systems can be used with any brand of conventional, semi-synthetic or synthetic motor oil.


Amsoil By-pass Oil FilterThis universal single remote by-pass kit is suitable for gasoline or diesel models. We also offer custom fittings for installation on Dodge/Cummins 5.9/6.7L diesel engines (sold separately). The BMK-21 is ideal for cars, light trucks or utility engines.


bmk22 AMSOIL By-pass oil filterThis dual remote by-pass system employs two by-pass elements and is suitable for heavy-duty diesel and industrial engines. The BMK-22 does not include hose fittings or filter elements.



Amsoil Oil Filters - bmk23-bypassA universal kit that includes the by-pass filter and full-flow oil filter in one convenient location. An adapter fits onto the existing full-flow oil filter base for oil pressure and return lines.

BMK-26, 27, 28

AMSOIL Oil Filter bmk23_25_26_27_140pxhCustom dual-remote by-pass kits for Ford 7.3L Power Stroke™ and GM 6.6L Duramax and Ford 6.7L Power Stroke™. Includes an EaO 26 full-flow oil filter, EaBP100 by-pass filter, the correct “spin-on” oil filter adapter, hoses, fittings and hardware. Does not include mounting bracket.


AMSOIL By-Pass Oil Filters bmk30_140For most all heavy-duty applications including Class 6, 7 and 8 heavy-duty trucks, construction or ag equipment, buses, generators and marine engines. Includes EaBP 120 element, hoses and fittings. More info

BMK-31- For 6.0L/6.4 Ford PowerStroke

AMSOIL BMK-31 Oil By-Pass SystemFor Ford PowerStroke 6.0L and 6.4L diesel engines. A single remote by-pass oil filter system that contains the necessary fittings and hardware for easy installation on PowerStroke engines. System includes by-pass filter block, EABP-90 by-pass filter element, 12 feet of hose and hose fittings, billet aluminum oil fill cap and billet aluminum oil filter cap and all necessary fittings.

BMK-32- For 6.6L GM  DuraMax

AMSOIL BMK-32 Oil By-Pass System For GM DuraMaxFor Chevrolet/GMC 6.6L DuraMax engines. A single remote by-pass oil filter system that contains the hardware for easy installation on late-model DuraMax engines. System includes by-pass filter block, EABP-90 by-pass filter element, 12 feet of hose and hose fittings, billet aluminum oil fill cap and oil filter cap and all necessary fittings.

BMK-33- For 6.7L Ford PowerStroke

AMSOIL BMK-33 By-Pass System for 6.7L PowerStroke DieselsFor 2011-present 6.7L Ford PowerStroke diesel engines. System includes by-pass filter block, EABP-90 by-pass filter element, 12 feet of hose and hose fittings, filter adapter, billet aluminum oil fill cap and all necessary fittings.

BMK-34- For 5.9L/6.7L RAM Cummins

AMSOIL BMK-34 By-Pass Kit For RAM Cummins 5.9L/6.7LFor all 5.9L and 6.7L Cummins engines in Ram pick-ups. Allows for simple installation. System includes by-pass filter block, EABP-90 by-pass filter element, 12 feet of hose and hose fittings, filter adapter, billet aluminum oil fill cap and all necessary fittings.

Installation and Servicing Instructions

Dual Remote Filter System

The AMSOIL Dual Remote Oil Filtration System conveniently adapts onto an engine’s existing full-flow oil filter system and can then be installed anywhere you choose for single location of both the full-flow and by-pass oil filters.

AMSOIL Dual Remote By-pass System DiagramTypical Installation Diagram for BMK-23, BMK-26,BMK-27 and BMK-28 Kits.

Note: The “spin-on filter adapter” for the BMK-23 Universal Dual Remote By-pass kit is sold separately and is specific to the thread and base size of your vehicle’s full flow oil filter base. See installation instructions or contact us for more details.

By-Pass Spin-on Adapter Kits For BMK-23

Filter Thread
18mm x 1.5mm
20mm x 1.5mm
22mm x 1.5mm
When ordering the BMK23:
• Spin-on Adapter BP402M is designed for2008-Present Chevrolet 1500 & 2500 gas engines.
1″- 16 (Cummins)
1 1/2″ – 16 (PowerStroke 7.3L)
13/16″ – 16 (Duramax)



Filter (Order separately unless noted)
BMK-21 (Filters sold separately)
Any size AMSOIL Spin-On By-Pass Filter Element
BMK-23 (Filters and spin-on adapter sold separately)
Any size AMSOIL Spin-On By-Pass Filter Element
BMK-26 (complete with filters) PowerStroke (6.9L, 7.5L, 7.3L)
EaO26 and EaBP100 (complete with filters)
BMK-27 (complete with filters) Duramax 6.6L diesel
EaO-26 and EaBP-100 (complete with filters)
BMK-28 (complete with filters) PowerStroke 6.7L
EaO-26 and EaBP-100 (complete with filters)
NOTE: BP350 Hose is sold by the foot, and must be special ordered over the phone. Call 800-777-7094
Vehicles with sump capacities greater 15 qts.
BMK-22 Dual Guard (Hose and filters sold separately)
Any size AMSOIL Spin-On By-Pass (mount requires 2 filters)