AMSOIL Ea Oil FiltersFeaturing an ultra-efficient synthetic nanofiber media. Efficient to 98.7% at 15 microns as opposed to 40 to 80% efficiency with conventional cellulose filter media from other brands. Ea oil filters are built to withstand 25000 or 15000 miles of service (depending on the application).

AMSOIL Bypass Filter Kits and Bypass Filter Elements

AMSOIL Bypass Filter Kits & Bypass Filter ElementsA separate add-on oil filtration kit that removes wear particles down to one micron! The ultra-fine filtration dramatically extends oil change intervals and engine life. Increases oil capacity and improves oil cooling. Keeps engine oil clean on a constant basis. Can be fitted to most gasoline & diesel engines.

Ea Motorcycle Oil Filters

AMSOIL Ea Motorcycle Oil FiltersA nanofiber synthetic media makes these units the most efficient motorcycle oil filters available at 98.7% at 15 microns. Also featured are premium nitrile gaskets and anti-drain-back valves. These filters are “top shelf” in every sense of the term. All models are available in “black” with several units being available with an optional chrome finish. 

Ea Heavy-Duty Extended-Life Oil Filters

AMSOIL Ea H-D Extended-Life Oil FiltersFor heavy-duty applications such as over-the-road-trucks, buses, tractors, mining and construction equipment. The full synthetic Ea media delivers extraordinary efficiency of 98.7 percent at 20 microns while offering offering high contaminant capacity. Quality construction and no-compromise components throughout.

AMSOIL Ea Air Filters

AMSOIL Ea Air FiltersNanofiber synthetic media removes 5 times more dust than conventional cellulose filters and 50 times more dust that oiled-cotton-gauze filters. The cleanable, reusable EAA filters can be used up 4 years/100,000miles.

WIX Filters

WIX Filter LogoEvery WIX filter is the sum of many decades of industry experience. WIX offers quality oil, air, cabin air, fuel, transmission, crankcase breather and racing filters.

Mann Filters

Mann FiltersWe offer Mann filters for many European auto and motorcycle applications. Mann delivers OEM-quality oil, air, fuel and cabin filters.

Donaldson Filters

Donaldson Filter LogoWe offer Donaldson filters for heavy-duty and industrial applications. Donaldson is the world’s biggest supplier of OEM filters for diesel applications. Featured is the elite Endurance series of air and oil filters. The workhorse line is the P-Series of oil, air, fuel, hydraulic and coolant filters. Also featured are the TopSpin™ pre-cleaner air filters.

Ea Universal Air Induction Filters

AMSOIL Ea Universal Air Induction Filters These filters utilize the dry, serviceable Ea nanofiber media which delivers the ultimate combination of sound filtration and high performance. These units are designed as direct replacement for K&N, AIRAID, S&B, INJEN, AFE, Green, TrueFlow and more. Put an end to messy cleaning/re-oiling sessions and filter oil fouling MAF sensors.

Ea Carbureted Engine Air Filters & Kits

AMSOIL Ea Carbureted Engine Air Filters & Kits For racing and street rod applications. Uses the dry, serviceable nanofiber Ea media providing uncompromised efficiency and performance. For carbureted engines using a 14 inch round air cleaner housings. 

 AMSOIL Ea Pre-filters

AMSOIL Ea Pre-filtersFitted for the Ea Carbureted Engine Air Filters and Universal Air Induction “cone-type” elements. Keeps out heavy dirt and mud. Also treated with a water repellent to keep filters dry. Does not cause significant air flow losses. For off-road and racing applications.

AMSOIL Ea15K88 Oil Filter for Ford Power Stroke Diesel Engines

AMSOIL Ea15K88 Oil Filter for Ford PowerStroke Diesel EnginesFor Ford 6.0 and 6.4 litre Power Stroke diesel engines. Synthetic filter media offers unsurpassed efficiency and service life. Filtering efficiency of 98.7% at 15 microns. Service life is 15000 miles (24000 km) or one year.

Powercore® Air Filters

AMSOIL/Donaldson Powercore® Air FiltersFor GM Duramax 6.6L Diesel, GM H2 Hummer 6.0L Vortec™ and selected Freightliner and John Deere applications. Featuring an innovative fluted media.

Oil Filter Wrenches

Oil Filter Wrench KitWe offer a multitude of oil filter wrenches for most every size, including complete mechanic’s kits. The right tool for the job makes all the difference.