AMSOIL offers the absolute finest line of synthetic lubricants for snowmobiles in the world. Whether you race or ride for fun, have a 2 or 4-cycle engine, we’ve got a complete line of products that will keep your sled running strong for many seasons to come. In Canada, Canadian Tire no longer sells AMSOIL snowmobile oil. We can offer all AMSOIL products for your sled at a much better price.

Buy AMSOIL synthetic snowmobile oil at the best prices in Canada and the United States. Request a wholesale price list using the contact form on this page or call 1-800-748-5781.

Synthetic 2-Cycle Snowmobile Engine Oils

Now that AMSOIL has 3 distinct full-synthetic 2-stroke oils for snowmobile use, let’s try to offer some guidance as to which oil is best for your sledding habits.

INTERCEPTOR High Performance Synthetic 2-Cycle Oil (AIT)
A high-performance two-cycle snowmobile oil with a performance emphasis on clean exhaust power valve operation. Highly effective protection in Ski-Doo/Rotax E-TEC, Arctic Cat C-TEC2 and other direct fuel injection (DFI) engines.  A high quality replacement of manufacturer-branded oils. Suitable for even the toughest recreational operation.  One of AMSOIL’s most popular products. For applications requiring API TC. Injector use or 50:1 pre-mix.

Synthetic 2-Stroke Injector Oil (AIO)
A lower-priced synthetic option for casual or budget-minded sled owners. Features include excellent engine protection, low-temperature oil flow, low-smoke/odor, low-deposit performance. Also capable in outboards and PWC.

DOMINATOR Synthetic 2-Cycle Racing Oil (TDR)
For racing or highly modified sleds that are regularly disassembled for inspection. Contains robust additives for the ultimate in wear control. Designed to withstand high RPM and extreme operating temperatures. For applications requiring API TC. Injector use or 50:1 pre-mix.

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Synthetic Four-Stroke Snowmobile Engine Oil

Formula 4-Stroke Power Sports 0W-40 Synthetic Motor Oil (AFF)
Specially formulated for four-stroke snowmobile motors in recreational use. Withstands hot operating conditions but still pours to -51C for easy cranking and start-up protection. Excellent for Polaris, Yamaha, Ski-Doo, and Arctic Cat four-cycle snowmobiles.

Snowmobile 4-Stroke Engine Oil Filters

Ea Motorcycle/Snowmobile Four-Cycle Engine Oil Filters (EaOM)
AMSOIL Ea Motorcycle/Snowmobile Oil Filters are made with premium-grade full synthetic media. Ea Motorcycle/Snowmobile Oil Filters feature advanced full synthetic nanofiber technology, making them the highest efficiency filters available and a superb upgrade from OEM filters.

Chaincase Lubricant

Synthetic Chaincase Oil (TCC)
Provides superior protection and performance for enclosed snowmobile chains. Extreme pressure additives provide extra wear protection. Extends chain life, repels water and inhibits rust, oxidation and foam. Superior low temperature performance and protection. Outperforms OEM synthetics at a fraction of the cost.

Greases and Protectants

Synthetic Water Resistant Grease (GWR)
The finest sled chassis lube going. Resists water washout and degradation. Unparalleled protection for bearings and other components frequently exposed to water. Stays in place, lubricates and protects against rust. Excellent low temp operation and “pumpability”.

MP Heavy Duty Metal Protector (AMH)
A heavy-duty spray lubricant fortified with special rust and corrosion inhibitors. Penetrates and adheres to metal surfaces, leaving a long-lasting protective coating. Apply MPHD to any metal surface that requires a heavy-duty lubricant or is exposed to the damaging effects of salt, moisture or chemical corrosion. Works as an undercoat, leaving a wax-like film. Dry to the touch. Does not attract dust.

Snowmobile Shock Oil

Shock Therapy Suspension Fluid #5 Light (STL), #10 Medium (STM)
Controls friction, heat, wear, foaming and scuffing in suspension components. High viscosity index and shear stability performance controls shock fade and inconsistent dampening in temperature extremes.

Snowmobile Antifreeze/Coolant

AMSOIL Antifreeze and Engine Coolant (ANT)
Compatible with all the major brands of anti-freeze. Essentially nontoxic and biodegradable. Provides superior performance in all climates. Contains special corrosion inhibitors and antifoam agents.

Dominator Coolant Boost (RDC)
Lowers engine operating temperatures with quick and effective heat transfer inside radiators and cylinder heads. Also offers advanced corrosion protection.

Fuel Additives

Quickshot Powersport Fuel Additive (AQS)
Prevents dangerous ethanol/water separation. Cleans fuel system and combustion chambers in all two-cycle and 4-cycle snowmobile engines. Provides outstanding “in-season” fuel stability and preservation. Prevents the formation of varnish and deposits. Protection from the three major fuel-related issues plaguing small engines and powersports equipment: ethanol, water and dirty pump gas. Your best insurance against questionable fuel along the trail.

Octane Boost (AOB)
Maximizes power and improves performance in all two-cycle and four-cycle snowmobile engines. Increases octane number up to seven points. Reduces engine knock, improves ignition and engine response, helps fuel burn cleaner and inhibits corrosion. Especially useful when only “Regular” grade gasoline is available.

Gasoline Stabilizer (AST)
Reduces the oxidation process that occurs in today’s poor fuels. Prevents the formation of varnish and sludge which can clog carburetors, injectors, stick floats and cause poor engine performance. A good idea for in-season use, a must for pre-storage maintenance.

Engine Fogging Oil (FOG)
A highly effective rust preventative designed to protect internal engine components during storage or long periods of inactivity. Ideal for two or four-stroke snowmobile engines. Not available in Canada.

Power Valve and Carb Cleaner

Power Foam Engine Cleaner & Degreaser
AMSOIL Power Foam removes gum, varnish and carbon deposits for  improved overall engine performance. Excellent for cleaning carbon deposits on variable exhaust power valves. Also excellent as a carburetor cleaner. Safe for exterior engine degreasing as well.

Appearance Products

BriteSide® Miracle Wash Waterless Wash and Polish (AMW)
This unique waterless wash and polish delivers outstanding performance and quick, easy and economical spray application. No water required. It’s simply the fastest way to clean your sled.