No order is too big or too small. Buy AMSOIL in Canada and the US at the best price. Call us at 1-800-748-5781.

Request a wholesale price list with the contact form on this page and we’ll show you how to save around 25%!

You have done your research and you’re pretty sure that AMSOIL products will offer the best performance and protection. If you’re like us, you like to buy the best product for your money, but you don’t rush in and pay too much. You do your homework before determining how and where to get the best value for your dollar. You have come to the right place!

How this Works

  • We set you up with a wholesale account (see details below).
  • You can then order online or by telephone direct from AMSOIL Inc. at wholesale prices.
  • Fast shipping to any location in North America from 2 warehouses in Canada and 11 in the USA.

Why Buy AMSOIL Products from

  • Wholesale prices- Best possible prices in Canada or USA.
  • Outstanding service since 2001.
  • No duty or currency exchange.
  • Member of BBB with A+ rating.

Why Buy Here Instead of

  • If you simply buy at their online store, you will be charged suggested retail prices.
  • If you are a first time buyer, they will delegate a random dealer to you.
  • Canadians: Despite that fact that US prices are shown there, you will be billed at Canadian prices.
  • Once we set you up with a wholesale account, you can buy online at wholesale from!

Why Not Buy AMSOIL From a Retailer or Parts Store?

  • Expensive. Prices are usually well above AMSOIL’s listed suggested retail prices.
  • Limited selection. We offer the complete line and all of the container size options.
  • We offer experienced and prompt service before and after the sale. You won’t get that at a retailer.
  • We’ve answered a dozen questions on the sale of a single case of oil. It’s what we do.

Orders Only: 1-800-777-7094 Your reference number: ZO 527 739 (new customers)

For smaller orders of less than a case:

  • Simply call 1-800-777-7094 and give the operator your reference # 527 739.
  • Or Order Online at AMSOIL’s secure online store. (See details below)
  • Products will be priced at suggested retail.

Wholesale accounts: For orders of a case (or equivalent):

  • Consider a wholesale account and save up to 25% over suggested retail.
  • Wholesale accounts available for individuals, commercial or retail.
  • Request a wholesale price list with the form at the upper right of this page.
  • Wholesale accounts can pick up orders directly from the nearest AMSOIL Distribution Centre to save the shipping.

Online Ordering

Online Ordering directs you to AMSOIL Inc’s secure online store. Orders will be shipped from the nearest distribution centre. Canadian orders will be invoiced in Canadian funds from the Canadian price list. You will pay suggested retail prices without a wholesale account or membership. All AMSOIL Online Store transactions are encrypted using a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) server.

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