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Oildepot offers AMSOIL Synthetic Racing Oils to maximize power output, limit wear and fight the effects of extreme heat. Our specialized cross-section of synthetic engine oils, transmission fluids, gear oils, grease and fuel additives enhance race applications such as drag racing, circle track, off-road, monster truck and more. We can also protect those classic/vintage street cars as well.

We can offer all of these products at wholesale to the public in Canada or the United States. Request a price list with the contact form on this page or call us at 1-800-748-5781.

Dominator Synthetic Racing Engine Oils

The Dominator Series of  pure race engine oils are formulated with no compromises. They are engineered to withstand the effects of high RPM, extreme heat and combat viscosity shear-down. We’re not saying you’ll never have another DNF using Dominator, but if you do, it will not be due to engine oil failure. Available in 5W-20, 10W-30, 15W-50 and SAE 60.

Z-Rod Synthetic Motor Oil for Classic/Vintage Cars and Street Rods

Older cars have different engine oil requirements than today’s passenger cars. Classic engines require an engine oil with much higher zinc and phosphorus content for proper wear control. Especially those equipped with flat tappet cams. As classic cars are often stored for extend periods, a strong ability to fight rust and corrosion is also critical. Z-Rod Synthetic Engine Oils are designed to deliver all of these attributes to protect your classic car whether it’s cruising, racing or in storage. Z-Rod Synthetic Engine Oil 10W-30 or 20W-50.

Severe Gear Synthetic Gear Lubes

The Severe Gear series improves performance on a number of fronts. First, the synthetic formula reduces drag for optimum power delivery. This reduced friction also contributes to appreciably cooler operation for long component life and protection during the toughest events. Severe Gear withstands extreme shock load and prevents metal-to-metal contact when the heat is on. Available in 75W-90, 75W-110, 75W-140, SAE 190 and SAE 250.

AMSOIL Synthetic Transmission Fluids

AMSOIL’s diverse synthetic transmission line has a product for most all applications.  From ATF’s to manual transmission fluid and even Ford “Type-F” non-slip racing transmission oil. All are designed to withstand extreme heat and heavy loads.  See AMSOIL Synthetic Transmission Fluids

Dominator Synthetic Racing Grease

Dominator Racing Grease fights friction and offers maximum wear control in high speed, extreme heat applications (are we seeing trend here?).  Extend service life and reduce the incidence of component failure with the ultimate grease for running on the edge. See AMSOIL Synthetic Racing Grease

AMSOIL Dominator Octane Boost

Reduces engine knock by increasing octane by up to 7 points. Improves throttle response and optimizes combustion for peak performance. See AMSOIL Dominator Octane Boost

Dominator Coolant Boost

Dominator Coolant Boost is designed to lower operating temps and reduce corrosion in either straight water or 50/50 antifreeze/water formulations. Yet another AMSOIL product that will help you run cooler and longer. See AMSOIL Dominator Coolant Boost

WIX Racing Oil Filters

WIX Racing Oil filters are designed to specifically withstand high-flow, extreme oil pressure and high temperatures that are typical of all types of racing. See WIX Oil Filters