Which AMSOIL wholesale option best suits you?

Request a wholesale price list using the contact form on this page. For more information call us toll-free at 1-800-748-5781.

Think you can’t find AMSOIL Synthetic Oil in Canada? We can offer access to the complete AMSOIL product line and best of all, you can buy it at wholesale! Orders are shipped from Edmonton in the West and Mississauga in the East and we deal in Canadian dollars, so there is no currency exchange or duty fees. Choose the wholesale option that suits your needs from the selection below.

Are you an individual who would like to buy AMSOIL at wholesale prices?
Consider an AMSOIL Preferred Customer membership. This membership gives you wholesale access to AMSOIL products and we ship directly to you. For do-it-yourselfers, this is the way to go.

Would you like to become an AMSOIL Dealer?
If you see a marketing opportunity for AMSOIL products, consider an AMSOIL dealership. There is no need to keep stock or make a large investment. You choose your own direction and level of commitment.

Do you have a commercial entity with equipment or vehicles?
If your Canadian company’s fleet or vehicles could benefit from AMSOIL Synthetics, we can set you up with a permanent wholesale account and provide continual product support.

Are you a retailer or shop owner and would like to sell or install AMSOIL products?
If you have a shop or store in Canada and would like to sell or install AMSOIL products, we can offer a wholesale account. We have specific products that are tailor-made for your market and will enhance sales in your establishment.