Below are questions that we frequently receive regarding how to buy AMSOIL products in Canada and the United States.

How Do I Order AMSOIL Products?

As a factory-accredited agent for AMSOIL products, we can offer the full line-up. Our main emphasis is to guide customers toward our wholesale programs as this gives you the best possible prices in North America. We can then offer online ordering, toll-free telephone ordering or we can execute the order for you. Here’s more at our ordering information page.

How Do I Get the Best Prices on AMSOIL Products?

We can set you up with a factory-direct AMSOIL wholesale account. We offer wholesale accounts for dealers, individuals buying for themselves, retailers and commercial businesses. This allows you to buy at wholesale and have your order shipped to your door.

Do You Ship Anywhere?

We ship to any location in North America. We have 2 warehouses in Canada and 11 warehouses spread throughout the United States. Your order will be shipped from the nearest location. Keep in mind that the US warehouses do not ship to Canada, even if the US warehouse is geographically closer than a Canadian distribution point.

Are Canadian Orders Charged In Canadian or US Dollars?

Canadian orders are conducted in Canadian dollars and shipped out of Canadian warehouses. There are no currency exchange fees, duty fees or brokerage charges.

How Do You Ship Your Orders?

Predominantly UPS in the United States and Loomis Express in Canada. Here are our shipping rates.

Is There Free Shipping On AMSOIL Orders?

All wholesale customer orders are subject to freight charges. ALL Canadian orders are subject to freight charges. The ONLY situation where there is free shipping is for US customers paying FULL suggested retail prices on orders over $100. Trust us; you are money ahead by buying at wholesale prices with the shipping charges. Contact us for a wholesale price list and we’ll go through the math with you.

Do You Handle Smaller Orders- Even Single Bottles?

Yes you can order even a single bottle of one of our products. In these cases, a wholesale account may not be feasible and the shipping costs should be considered. To order smaller items, simply call 1-800-777-7094 and give the operator your reference number (527 739). For moderate to larger orders, contact us about a wholesale account.

What Forms of Payment Do You Take?

Visa, MasterCard or Discovery. Sorry we do not accept PayPal.

Is My Personal Info and Credit Card Number Safe?

As all orders are processed directly by AMSOIL Inc., we give customers the option to use their secure online or toll-free telephone ordering systems. We will be happy to process your orders, if you wish. In these cases, destroys all payment info immediately after the order is complete. We have been in business since 2001 and are a member of the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating. See more at our Privacy/Payment Policy page.

Why Buy from Oildepot and Not a Local Retail Store?

While you may be able to buy AMSOIL or similar at some retail outlets, we can offer a wider selection of products along with prices and service that can’t be matched. We offer the complete AMSOIL product line in the full variety of container sizes, factory-direct prices and experienced product support before, during and after the sale. Our long-term customers keep coming back for a reason.

Why Buy From Oildepot Rather Than Directly at

If you simply buy at their online store, you will be charged full suggested retail prices. If you are a first-time buyer, they will delegate a random dealer to you. Why not stick with an experienced, reliable option like If you are a Canadian, US prices are shown there, but you will be billed from the Canadian price list. Once we hook you up with a wholesale account, you can then buy over there at dealer cost.

How Do I find the Right Products for My Vehicle?

Visit our product application tool for a complete list of recommended products, filter part numbers and fluid capacities specific to your model. Or contact us and we will be happy to make sure that we find that correct items for your application.

How Are AMSOIL Products Different from Synthetic Oil from Other Brands?

The main knock on a lot of  brand-name synthetics is that they are stingy with their additive packages. Often times, these brand name synthetics won’t have an additive package that’s any more robust than those in the conventional motor oils they offer. This is why most synthetic oils from the larger brands would suggest only a drain interval as prescribed the the owners manual. It’s more about slick marketing and thick profit margins. Regardless of whether you intend to push AMSOIL products beyond OEM service intervals, it is nice to know that you are using a synthetic oil that is overbuilt to do so. Top to bottom, we submit that the AMSOIL product line is the best in the industry.