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Synthetic Gasoline Engine Oil

Buy AMSOIL Synthetic Oil for passenger cars, light trucks, fleets, European car brands, race cars, vintage and classic cars, RV’s and even break-in oil.

Amsoil Diesel Oil

Oil Depot carries synthetic diesel oil for every spec and every budget. Whether it’s a late-model unit requiring the API CK-4 specification or an older diesel model, we have a grade for every application. We also offer European diesel engine oils.

Synthetic Natural Gas Engine Oil

We offer two low-ash formulas including an SAE 40/20W-40 for stationary natural gas engines and a 15W-40 for natural gas powered truck engines.

Amsoil Filters – Oil, Air, Transmission, Fuel, Cabin, Crankcase

Oil Depot carries the EA Synthetic Filters from AMSOIL for auto, motorcycle, heavy-duty and by-pass oil filters. We also offer filtration products from WIX, Mann-Filter and Donaldson.

Amsoil Transmission Fluid – Manual, Automatic

Take a look at our synthetic ATF’s and manual transmission fluids to cover most automotive and heavy-duty applications.

Amsoil Gear Lube

Buy synthetic gear oils for automotive, heavy-duty, racing, marine and limited slip differentials.

Amsoil Powersports Oil – 2 and 4 Stroke

Buy 2-cycle and 4-stroke synthetic oil at Oil Depot; ideal for motorcycles, snowmobiles, ATV’s, outboard and marine engines, utility small engines and racing karts.

Amsoil Bypass Filters

By-pass filters deliver extended drain intervals and reduce engine wear. Specific Amsoil bypass filter kits for auto and light truck or heavy-duty applications.

Amsoil Fuel Additive – Diesel and Gasoline

Oil Depot’s fuel additives include fuel system cleaners, fuel economy optimizers, fuel stabilizers, octane boost, cetane boost and cold-flow improvers.

Amsoil Grease & Hydraulic Oils

Buy synthetic grease products for auto, general use, AG and heavy-duty/industrial.

Amsoil Spray Lube & Chain Lube

We carry light and heavy-duty synthetic spray lubes, as well as semi-synthetic bar & chain oil.

Amsoil Antifreeze and Engine Coolant

Oil Depot offers AMSOIL’s Propylene-Glycol Coolant/Antifreeze for gasoline and diesel engines, plus Dominator Coolant Boost additive for racing or automotive, and Antifreeze Test Strips for analysis of all coolant-types.

Synthetic Power Steering Fluid

AMSOIL’s synthetic multi-vehicle formula is an all-temperature power steering system upgrade that meets dozens of automotive specifications.

Amsoil Brake Fluid

Find high performance brake fluid formulas available in DOT 3 or DOT 4 that are resistant to high temperatures and moisture contamination.

Amsoil Suspension Fluid

These pro-grade synthetic suspension fluid formulas available in #5 Light or #10 Medium and are suitable for forks and shocks.

Oil Analysis Kit

Oil and coolant analysis services from Oil Analyzers Inc. With labs in Canada and the US.

Amsoil Compressor Oil

Choose from three synthetic compressor fluid products covering a multitude of specifications.

Amsoil Cleaners and Degreasers

AMSOIL Power Foam Engine Cleaner, Miracle Wash, AMSOIL Heavy Duty Degreaser and more.

Amsoil Industrial Products

Oil Depot also carries industrial hydraulic fluid, compressor oils, EP gear lubes, R&O/AW oils and more.

Amsoil Product Warranty

Warranty covers all AMSOIL products sold in Canada and the United States.

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