Article: Is engine oil acceptable as an air compressor lubricant?

If you require a synthetic fluid for your compressor application, we likely have an AMSOIL synthetic compressor oil to fit the bill. Not only are AMSOIL’s 100% synthetic compressor oils competitively priced, they offer great performance in extreme cold or heat, outstanding wear control and maximum friction reduction for energy savings.

AMSOIL PC Series Synthetic Air Compressor Oils

AMSOIL PC Series Synthetic Compressor OilsA multipurpose synthetic fluid that provides a performance upgrade for most any air compressor. Reduces friction for reduced energy usage and is overbuilt for long intervals between oil changes. Available in ISO 32, 46, 68 and 100.

AMSOIL SIROCCO® Synthetic Compressor Oil

AMSOIL SIROCCO® Synthetic Compressor OilA high-quality substitute for Ingersoll-Rand SSR Ultra Coolant and Sullair Sullube 32 Compressor Fluid. Available at a great price and ready to ship.


AMSOIL DC Synthetic Compressor Oils

AMSOIL DC Synthetic Compressor Oils ISO 100 & 150Fights high discharge temperatures and carbon build-up in rotary vane, reciprocating compressors and vacuum pumps. Delivers maximum protection at high temperatures and high pressures where conventional compressor oils typically break down. Available in ISO 100 and 150.

AMSOIL Synthetic Air Tool Oil

AMSOIL Air Tool OilA synthetic oil formulated specifically for a wide range of pneumatic tools. Provides friction reduction,  improved performance in indoor or outdoor use in a wide variety of climates. Reduce downtime and  save money on tool replacement.