The video below shows how quickly Ski-Doo XPS 2-Stroke Fully Synthetic Oil, Polaris VES Synthetic 2-Cycle Snowmobile Oil, Arctic Cat CTEC2 Synthetic 2-Cycle Oil and AMSOIL Interceptor Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil flow when cooled down to -40°F.

Let’s compare the cold flow capabilities of the three main OEM synthetic 2-stroke oils with AMSOIL Interceptor Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil. In today’s sophisticated 2-stroke engines, immediate oil flow is vital. But extremely cold temperatures can strain the cold flow capabilities of even the most expensive, high-tech 2-stroke oil.

Ski-Doo, Polaris and Arctic Cat do not publish the cold-pour-points of their 2-stroke oils. The cold-pour-point lab test literally determines the temperature where an oil congeals and stops flowing. AMSOIL Interceptor’s cold-pour-point is -58°C (-72°F). Arctic Cat does make mention that their CTEC2 Synthetic 2-Cycle Oil delivers up to 50% easier cold starts.

Now you may say, “I don’t ride my sled in extreme cold. I don’t need an oil that flows down to -50 below.” Keep in mind that even under relatively normal winter weather, dry starts should be avoided (even for a fraction of a second). Why not use an oil that delivers instant oil circulation? As you’ll see in the video below, it’s quite apparent that AMSOIL Interceptor flows faster than Ski-Doo XPS Synthetic, Polaris VES Synthetic and Arctic Cat CTEC2 Synthetic.

More Than Just Fast Oil Flow During Cold Starts

So not only does AMSOIL Interceptor deliver world-class cold flow capabilities, it also provides the utmost protection in extreme heat. It is also famous for steadfast wear control, low-smoke and clean power valves over long stretches. We were once privy to an off-the-record comment by a highly placed AMSOIL executive. He said, “If our competitors knew how generously we had formulated Interceptor, they would think we were crazy”. Considering the endless praise Interceptor has received from our customers over the last decade, we can’t doubt that statement.

Lastly, consider Interceptor’s price. With Oildepot’s wholesale programs, Interceptor can be delivered to your doorstep for far less money than the price that your Ski-Doo, Polaris and Arctic Cat dealers are asking for their synthetic 2-stroke oils. Request a wholesale price list using the form on this page.