You may have heard radio ads for the BG Performance Oil Change Service and wondered what it is all about. Let’s examine what is involved in this procedure. We will also offer an alternative to this service that you can perform yourself.

The idea behind the BG Performance Oil Change Service is not only to change the engine oil, it also utilizes additives that clean the engine and fuel system. This service is performed by shops that offer BG products. BG Products Inc. is a supplier of a multitude of specialty automotive fluids and additives that are generally installed in a shop setting. BG recommends repeating this oil change procedure every 7500 to 10,000 miles (12,000 to 16,000 km). The cost of this service averages around $90 with conventional oil and oil filter.

Here are the supplies used for the BG Performance Oil Change Service:

  • BG 109 Engine Flush Additive
  • BG Performance Oil Change Air Purge Machine
  • BG MOA Engine Oil Supplement/Additive
  • BG CF5 Gasoline Additive

Here is how the process goes:

1. The BG 109 Engine Flush is poured into the oil filler hole. The engine is then started and idled for about 15 minutes to circulate the additive and break-down deposits.

2. The engine is then shut down. The engine oil is drained and the oil filter is removed.

3. The BG Performance Oil Change Air Purge Machine is hooked up to the engine by way of an adapter that attaches to the oil filter base. A charge of compressed air is sent through the adapter that pushes any of the remaining old motor oil out of the drain hole.

4. The drain plug is replaced. A mixture of engine oil and BG MOA Motor Oil Additive is injected by the machine into engine oil passages. The idea behind this step is to “prime” the engine with motor oil to prevent a dry start after the service.

5. The BG Performance Oil Change Air Purge Machine is unhooked from the engine.

6. A new oil filter is installed and the remainder of the new motor oil is poured into engine.

7. BG CF5 Gasoline Additive is added to the fuel tank.

What Do We Think of This BG Oil Change Method?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with this process. In fact, the clean-up of the internal engine and fuel system deposits can certainly improve the performance and efficiency of higher mileage vehicles that may have been neglected.

First, the BG Performance Oil Change Air Purge Machine chases out the last few drops of oil by way of injecting air into the engine.  Second, the use of this machine to inject fresh motor oil into engine oil passages.

As for the additives, the BG 109 Engine Flush and CF5 Gasoline Additive can certainly help to rid the engine and fuel system of deposits for improved operation. Additives similar to this are inexpensive and can be employed during any “do-it-yourself” oil change. As for BG MOA Engine Oil Additive, this one may be fine, but we are not fans of aftermarket motor oil additives in general.

Our Alternative To Oil Flush Service

We can offer a few products that you allow you to perform a similar “clean-up” to your engine in your own garage. Here are the steps.

1. When the vehicle in place for its oil change, add AMSOIL Engine and Transmission Flush to current motor oil. Idle the engine for 10-15 minutes while the detergents scrub deposits and varnish from engine internals. Drain the old motor oil and install a new oil filter.

2. Install AMSOIL Signature Series Synthetic Motor Oil (available in a wide variety of viscosities). This 100% synthetic oil is highly resistant to deposit and varnish formation compared to regular motor oil. Engine flushes are rarely needed going forward. Signature Series also has inherent cleaning properties that keep engine parts clean, even under heavy loads and extreme heat. Lastly, it is capable of some of longest drain intervals in the industry, so you can spend less time under your car or truck. Absolutely no engine oil additives are needed with this powerful synthetic formula. As a bonus, install an AMSOIL Ea Oil Filter. These oil filters deliver ultra-high-end filtering capabilities and have long-lasting construction.

3. Lastly add AMSOIL P.i. Gasoline Additive to the fuel tank. AMSOIL P.i. is a complete fuel system cleaner that can revitalize lost fuel efficiency. P.i. can also eliminate pinging and knocking caused by dirty combustion chambers. P.i. requires just a few repeat doses per year.

With these steps, you can achieve the cleaning advantages of a flush service provided by professional and be left with a world-class engine oil in the crankcase after the oil change.

Best of all, we can offer these products at wholesale in Canada and the United States. Feel free to contact us for prices with the form on this page or call us at 1-800-748-5781.