AMSOIL P.I. Performance Improver Gasoline AdditiveJust a Few Treatments per Year for Peak Performance!

Much of today’s gasoline is light on detergents and additives. Over time, fuel systems can become dirty and as a result, performance and fuel economy will slowly deteriorate and emissions will increase. A periodic dose of AMSOIL P.i. Gasoline Additive cleans everything from fuel injectors and intake valves to spark plug tips. The result is a compete restoration to “like new” performance, efficiency and emissions. AMSOIL P.i. is a game changer and likely the most cost-effective tune-up you can buy.

Package sizes include:
355 ml. (12-oz.) Bottle (or buy case of 12)

Features and Benefits of AMSOIL P.i. Gasoline Additive

  • Performs a complete fuel system cleanup
  • Restores gas mileage
  • Brings back lost horsepower
  • Improves engine starts and idling
  • Reduces emissions levels
  • Can eliminate pinging and knocking caused by engine deposits
  • Requires only a few applications per year
  • Safe for oxygen sensors and catalytic converters

Doesn’t Gasoline Already Contain Detergents?

Yes, but the standards mandated by governments are minimal. Most gasoline on the market contains as little as 123 ppm (parts per million) of detergent additives. AMSOIL P.i. Gasoline Additive safely delivers a mega dose of high quality detergents that cleans fuel injectors, carburetors, intake valves, combustion chambers and spark plug tips.

Rejuvenates Lost Performance

When an engine is plagued by a dirty fuel system, every facet of performance is affected. Lagging throttle response, poor idling, hesitation and even stalling can occur. If your vehicle has these problems and if they are related to fuel system deposits, AMSOIL P.i. can drastically reduce, if not eliminate them.

Improves Engine Emissions Levels

When fuel injectors are dirty, the combustion process is greatly compromised. Incomplete combustion can elevate exhaust emissions to levels well beyond normal. A clean-up using AMSOIL P.i. Gasoline Additive can mean the difference between passing and failing an emissions test.

Fights Pinging and Knocking

Dirty engines can lead to engine pinging and knock under load. Motorists will sometimes turn to octane boosts to mask the issue, when a fuel system cleaner can sometimes cure the problem. An occasional tank of fuel treated with AMSOIL P.i. can stave off the conditions that lead to pinging and knocking.

Improves Gas Mileage

Excessive injector and engine deposits can be a real drag on fuel economy. Distorted and sloppy injector spray patterns as well as dirty combustion chambers will impair an engine’s ability to provide efficient ignition. Testing shows that just one tank of gasoline treated with AMSOIL P.i. Gasoline Additive can restore fuel mileage.

MPG Improvement Graph After AMSOIL P.i. Treatment

Directions for Use

  • Add one full bottle of AMSOIL P.i. Gasoline Additive to a full gas tank. For use in tanks up to 75 litres (20 US gallons). For larger fuel tanks, fill to a maximum of 150 litres (40 US gallons) and add two bottles.
  • Use AMSOIL P.i. every 6,500 kilometres (4000 miles).
  • Do not use in 2-stroke or small 4-stroke engines. For these applications, use AMSOIL Quickshot.
A gasoline additive suitable for any automotive or light truck. Performs a complete cleaning of fuel systems and combustion chambers to improve operation and gas mileage.
Manufacturer: AMSOIL
Model: P.i. Gasoline Additive
Product ID: API