AMSOIL Synthetic DCT FluidAMSOIL has released a brand new transmission fluid for dual clutch or “DCT” transmissions called AMSOIL Synthetic DCT Fluid. AMSOIL’s incomparable reputation and 45 years of synthetic oil experience is sure to lend instant credence to this DCT oil for high performance cars.

Where Can I Buy AMSOIL Synthetic DCT Fluid?

Oildepot can sell this full synthetic dual clutch fluid at the lowest prices in North America. We offer fast shipping from 2 warehouses in Canada and 11 warehouses in the United States. We also offer a full suite of world-class European Formula Synthetic Motor Oils for a wide variety of applications. Request the latest pricing using the form on this page.

Features and Benefits of AMSOIL Synthetic DCT Fluid

  • Meets several OEM specifications
  • Provides outstanding performance from idle to red line
  • Delivers precise frictional properties
  • Withstands extreme heat
  • Performs in arctic winter cold
  • Provides consistent viscosity protection throughout its service life
  • Reasonably priced
  • Readily available

AMSOIL Synthetic DCT Fluid Is Suitable For the Following Transmissions

  • Volkswagen- DSG
  • Audi- S tronic
  • BMW- DCT Drivelogic
  • Nissan GT-R- GR6
  • Dodge Dart- DDCT
  • Mercedes Benz- 7G-DCT
  • Mitsubishi- TC-SST, Sportronic
  • Porsche- 7DT-45, 7DT-75, 7DT-45/7DT-70

What Is a Dual Clutch Transmission?

A dual clutch transmission is essentially two separate transmissions running in parallel and operating as one unit. While one gear is in operation on one side, the next gear on the opposing side is standing by and when the shift occurs, is put into play by a hydraulically actuated clutch. Gear shifts take place in fractions of a second in a smooth fashion, without loss of drive or hesitation. The near pristine gear change performance and reduced engine RPM fluctuations at shift points provides improved fuel economy.

Cars equipped with DCT transmissions often have manual or automatic modes allowing the driver to choose their level of input in gear selection. They also sometimes have “launch modes” for high RPM acceleration from a standing stop.

Here is an informative video from the transmission people at Tremec on the dual clutch transmission concept.