Oil Analyzers Inc (OAI) has opened a new lab in Edmonton which will offer used oil and coolant testing services. AMSOIL has had a relationship with OAI for several years, but even we have been using other services over the years because of cross-border hassles which have led to long turnaround times. We are pleased that OAI has recognized the need for a lab to provide timely service for Canadian customers. Once the lab receives your sample, turnaround time for results will be 24-48 hours. The status of your sample can be tracked instantly at www.trackmysample.com. Reports will be received instantly through fax, e-mail or online look-up. You can trend samples for an individual unit or entire fleet on the HORIZON sample management software. Advanced coolant testing will also be available. You can buy oil analysis kits here. You can buy single kits or several for fleets. For fleets, be sure to ask us about a commercial account to get the best possible pricing.