In the first of our series on “My First Sled”, we received a submission from Andre who had a 1969 Boa-Ski. When we put together our Slideshow of the Lost Snowmobile Brands of the 1970s, we were remiss in omitting Boa-Ski. Let’s take this opportunity to look explore this old snowmobile brand.

Boa-Ski was started in1967 by a group lead by Joseph-Aime Morin in the small town of La Guadeloupe, Quebec. Mr. Morin operated a machine shop that manufactured components for Sno-Jet which was located in nearby Thetford Mines. Other companies in La Guadeloupe were making parts for Sno-Jet and Mr-Morin brought this group together to start their own snowmobile company and thus Boa-Ski was born. As much of the tooling was used for previous Sno-Jet parts, the first Boa-Ski models were all but identical to Sno-Jets, save for the colors and decals.

Boa-Ski closed their doors in late 1977. It must have been a very viable operation in the mid-70s as they survived the snowmobile industry purge of 1973-1974 when the OPEC oil crisis and poor snow conditions were the death of dozens upon dozens of sled brands.

In 1969, Boa-Ski offered 7 models. All models used Hirth 2-stroke engines which were equipped with Tillotson carburetors. For that year, Boa-Ski recommended a gasoline/oil mix ratio of 20:1 in all of their snowmobiles. Here are horsepower numbers for 1969 Boa-Ski models:

  • Standard 15– Engine: Hirth 300cc, Horsepower: 15
  • Standard 19– Engine: Hirth 300cc, Horsepower: 19
  • Deluxe 15– Engine: Hirth 300cc, Horsepower: 15
  • Deluxe 19– Engine: Hirth 300cc, Horsepower: 19
  • Standard 23– Engine: Hirth 372cc, Horsepower: 23
  • Standard 28– Engine: Hirth 493cc, Horsepower: 28
  • Standard 36– Engine: Hirth 634cc, Horsepower: 35

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