Occasionally we receive a inquiries from ultralight aircraft owners about our AMSOIL Synthetic Two-Stroke Oils. As ultralights are commonly powered by two-stroke engines, owners often hear good things about our products from internet message boards and even from engine builders. It should be known that AMSOIL strictly prohibits the sale of their products for aviation purposes. They do not endorse and will not warrant any AMSOIL product mistakenly or intentionally used in an aviation application.  Therefore Oildepot.ca will not sell any AMSOIL product to anyone who wishes to use these products for such use.

You may hear misstatements about AMSOIL Saber Professional and Interceptor Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil being acceptable alternatives for ultralight engines. This perception is absolutely false and completely rejected by AMSOIL Inc.

You can pretty much imagine why this would be the case. For such a small market, AMSOIL does not need the legal headaches that invariably come along every time there is a mishap. AMSOIL was founded by A.J. Amatuzio who was a respected military aviator and the company even produced a specific oil for aircraft for a short while in their early years. But legal hassles tend to rain on a lot of parades, so that concept came to an abrupt end. This lead to a policy strictly prohibiting the use of AMSOIL products in aircraft engines and naturally this extends to ultralights to this day.

I’m sure you can understand our position. Safe travels to you this summer.