AMSOIL EaBP Bypass Oil Filter ElementA reader asks: “I use an AMSOIL By-Pass Oil Filter system on my pickup truck and my engine oil capacity is less than 9 US quarts. The AMSOIL-recommended replacement filter for sump capacities under 9 quarts is the EaBP90. Can I use the larger EaBP100 filter to gain more capacity?”


If you have the space, you can definitely use the larger EaBp100 filter element. The larger filter holds an extra half quart, so keep in mind that your oil capacity has now increased by this amount. Whether there is a discernible benefit to going with the larger filter is debatable. The EaBP90 offers more than enough capacity to handle the bypass filtration chores in engines with a sump capacity under 9 quarts, so using the EaBP100 may be overkill. We do think that the extra half quart of oil capacity could offer (very) slight benefits in terms of cooling capacity and oil longevity. Regardless, one should still change the element at every other full-flow oil filter change or 100,000 km (60,000 miles), whichever comes first.

Conversely, can you use a smaller bypass element in an application that calls for a larger filter? For example, suppose one had a newer diesel pickup truck with a 14 US quart capacity where an EaBP100 is suggested, but the mounting location lacked the room for the EaBP100. Or suppose that the owner only had the shorter EaBP90 on hand.

Yes one can use the shorter EaBP90 filter element in this case. There will be no operational difficulties with using the smaller bypass element. As the shorter filter has less capacity, we would suggest cutting the service interval and replacing the filter every 60,000 km (37,000 miles) instead of 100,000 km (60,000 miles).

AMSOIL Bypass Filter Suggestions by Sump Size and Dimensions


Use in engines with sump sizes up to 8.5L (9 US quarts)
Filter Height 5.8”
Filter Height with mount 8”
Diameter 4.3”


Use in engines with sump sizes up to 14.2L (15 US quarts)
Filter Height 7.3”
Filter Height with mount 10”
Diameter 4.3”


Use in engines with sump sizes up to 19.9L (21 US quarts)
Filter Height 10.4”
Filter Height with mount 12”
Diameter 4.3”