TSB: DT-2007-08-27

AMSOIL Technical Service Bulletin

Date: 9/19/05

Revision: 1/27/10

Product Description: AMSOIL Synthetic Universal Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF)

Subject: AMSOIL Synthetic Universal Automatic Transmission Fluid Applications Guide


Define the transmission fluid specifications for which AMSOIL Synthetic Universal Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) is recommended.


Many automotive manufacturers require specific fluids for their automatic transmissions, and the wide variety of specifications on the market creates concern with consumers and AMSOIL Dealers when selecting or recommending a product. Based on research and testing results, AMSOIL ATF can be confidently recommended in the applications listed in this guide.


Automatic transmissions have become increasingly complicated, with many requiring transmission fluids with specific frictional and viscosity characteristics. AMSOIL ATF is formulated to meet and exceed many of the specifications on the market, including OEM manufacturer specifications, manufacturer-recommended oils and manufacturer part numbers.


AMSOIL ATF is a full synthetic transmission fluid designed to meet many domestic and foreign automatic transmission requirements for automotive, heavy-duty on- and off-road and power steering applications. The following list contains all of the recommended specifications for which AMSOIL ATF is recommended:


  • Chrysler ATF+4®
  • Toyota Type T-III & T-IV
  • Honda Z-1 (Not CVT)
  • Diamond SP II & III (Mitsubishi/Hyundai/Kia)
  • Mazda ATF-III, ATF-MV
  • Subaru ATF, ATF-HP
  • Nissan Matic D, J & K
  • BMW LA2634
  • Audi G-052-025-A2 & G-052-162-A1
  • Volvo 97340
  • MB 236.1, 236.2, 236.5, 236.6, 236.7, 236.9 & 236.10
  • NAG 1
  • JWS 3309
  • LT 71141
  • Idemitsu K-17
  • Mopar AS68RC
  • ETL-7045E, ETL-8072B & N402

Heavy-Duty, On- and Off-Road

  • Allison C-4, TES 389
  • ZF TE-ML 03D, 04D, 09, 14A, 14B, 14C, 16L, 17C
  • Voith 55.6335.XX (G607, G1363)

Power Steering

  • ATF+4

Although AMSOIL ATF is recommended for many applications, it does not meet the requirements of the following applications which have significantly different frictional or viscosity requirements. AMSOIL ATF is NOT recommended for the following applications:

  • GM Autotrac II
  • CVT transmissions
  • Ford Type F transmissions
  • Volvo Part #1161540-8

Note: DEXRON® VI, MERCON® LV, SP or Toyota WS see- Synthetic Fuel Efficient Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATL)