AMSOIL Diesel Cold Flow Fuel AdditiveImproves Diesel Pour-Point By As Much As 32°C

This concentrated diesel additive ensures dependable, consistent performance all winter long in all types of diesel fuels. Suitable for all diesel engines.

Package sizes include:
16-oz. Bottle (or buy case of 12)
18.9L (5 US Gallon) Pail
208L (55 US Gallon) Drum


For emergency freeze-ups, keep AMSOIL Diesel Recovery Fuel Treatment on hand.

If you’ve ever had a diesel engine stall (or fail to start) due to fuel gelling in cold temperatures, you are painfully aware that winter diesel fuel blends can’t always be counted upon for reliable service. It is up to the fuel blender to provide winter fuel blends that are compatible with regional low temperatures and independent testing shows that they often fall short. AMSOIL Diesel Cold Flow Fuel Additive adds a huge measure of reliability to # 1 or # 2 diesel fuel blends by lowering the cold filter plugging point by up to 15C (20F). AMSOIL Diesel Cold Flow contains the latest in anti-gel additive technology to ensure safe and reliable winter diesel engine operation.

Features and Benefits of AMSOIL Diesel Cold Flow Fuel Additive

  • Lowers cold filter plugging point by up to 15C (20F)
  • Reduces diesel cold pour point by up to 32C (58F)
  • Separates moisture for increased anti-gel insurance
  • Can improve cold weather function of # 2 diesel
  • Provides invaluable winter weather dependability

Suitable Applications for AMSOIL Diesel Cold Flow Fuel Additive

Safe for use in any diesel engine. Compatible with all types of diesel fuels including # 1 or # 2 diesel and biodiesel.

Directions for Use

  • For complete mixing, pour AMSOIL Diesel Cold Flow Fuel Additive into fuel tank prior to adding diesel.
  • This product must be added before diesel reaches “cloud point” or begins to gel. This product will not restore diesel that has already begun to gel.
  • Store AMSOIL Diesel Cold Flow Fuel Additive at temperatures warmer than -18C (0F). If product freezes, thaw completely and shake container before using.

Mixing Rate for AMSOIL Diesel Cold Flow Fuel Additive

Metric Mix Rate

  • 3.15 ml per litre of fuel
  • Full 473 ml ounce bottle format treats 150 litres of fuel
  • 18.9 litre pail format treats 6056 litres of fuel

US Gallon Mix Rate

  • 0.4 ounces per 1 US gallon of fuel
  • 4 US ounces per 10 US gallons of fuel
  • Full 16 ounce bottle format treats 40 US gallons of fuel
  • 5 US Gallon format treats 1600 US gallons of fuel
An advanced diesel additive designed to prevent fuel gelling and filter plugging in freezing weather.
Manufacturer: AMSOIL
Model: Diesel Cold Flow Fuel Additive
Product ID: ACF