AMSOIL Diesel Recovery Fuel Additive

A constant concern in winter for diesel owners in Canada and the Northern US is a gelled fuel system. A stranded diesel vehicle due to frozen fuel filters is not only a huge nuisance, it can be an expensive one as well. An economical cure for such incidents is AMSOIL Diesel Recovery Fuel Treatment. Adding this product to the fuel filter and fuel tank quickly revives frozen fuel systems and gets you back on the road with minimum fuss and downtime.

Package sizes include:
887ml (30 oz) Bottle (or buy case of 12)
3.78 litre (1 US Gallon) Bottle (or buy case of 4)

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AMSOIL Diesel Recovery’s fast-acting formula liquefies crystallized and gelled diesel fuel. In frigid weather, the wax component of diesel fuel can congeal plugging fuel filters and fuel systems. The common solution is to change fuel filters or at worst, have the unit towed to a warm shop. Simply adding a bottle of this inexpensive emergency diesel additive to the current fuel filter and the rest in the fuel tank can have you back on your way in no time.

Features and Benefits of AMSOIL Diesel Recovery Fuel Treatment

  • Thaws frozen fuel filters, lines, injectors and pumps
  • Suitable for all types of diesel engines
  • Compatible with all types of diesel fuels including # 1, # 2 and biodiesel
  • Does not contain alcohol
  • Safe and compatible with fuel filters and fuel system components

Direction for Use of AMSOIL Diesel Recovery Fuel Treatment

  • Remove fuel filter
  • Pour AMSOIL Diesel Recovery Fuel Treatment into current or new fuel filter
  • Re-install fuel filter
  • Pour the rest of the AMSOIL Diesel Recovery Fuel Treatment into fuel tank and add as needed to meet mix rate (see mix rate below)
  • Start engine and allow Diesel Recovery to thaw fuel system until normal operation returns

Mixing Rate for AMSOIL Diesel Recovery Fuel Treatment

Metric Mix Rate

  • 7.84 ml per litre of fuel
  • 887 ml bottle format treats 113 litres of fuel
  • 3.78 litre bottle format treats 484 litres of fuel

US Gallon Mix Rate

  • 1 ounce per US Gallon of fuel
  • 30 ounce bottle format treats 30 US gallons of fuel
  • 1 US gallon format treats 128 US gallons of fuel


 AMSOIL Diesel Recovery (DRC)


Diesel Engines

Unit Package Description:

1 Quart Bottle

Net Fill:

888ml (30 Fl. Oz.)

Generic Description:

Emergency Gel Relief


Light Amber Liquid



Flashpoint – TCC Method:

41.6ºC (107ºF)

Specific Gravity:




Plastic Safe:


DOT Proper Shipping Name:

Classified Combustible for Ground Transportation

Treatment Ratio:

887ml bottle treats 113 Litres

A diesel fuel additive that quickly restores operation in diesel engines with frozen or gelled fuel filters.
Manufacturer: AMSOIL
Model: Diesel Recovery Fuel Treatment
Product ID: DRC