AMSOIL Synthetic CVT FluidAMSOIL now offers a synthetic CVT Fluid that is an upgrade over the products found at car dealerships for a price that is often much lower. A CVT fluid must have three primary features: 1. Prevent wear. 2. Combat heat build-up. 3. Maintain the proper “slip/stick” characteristics to prevent transmission slippage. You can be confident that AMSOIL’s unparalleled experience with synthetic oil chemistry makes this fluid the best possible option for your CVT transmission.

AMSOIL CVT Fluid package sizes include:
1- US Quart Bottle (or buy case of 12)
2.5- US Gallon Bottles (or case of 2)
55- US Gallon Drum

Suitable Applications for AMSOIL Synthetic CVT Fluid

This product is an ideal replacement of factory-fill CVT fluid for the following applications. Not suitable for “eCVT” transmissions.

  • Audi/Volkswagen TL 52180, G 052 180, G 052 516
  • BMW 8322 0 136 376, 8322 0 429 154, EZL 799A
  • Dodge-Jeep NS-2, CVTF+4®, MOPAR® CVT 4
  • Ford CVT23, CFT30, WSS-M2C933-A, Motorcraft® XT-7-QCFT, MERCON® C
  • GM/Saturn DEX-CVT, CVTF I-Green2
  • Honda HMMF, HCF-2
  • Hyundai SP-CVT 1
  • Kia SP-CVT 1
  • Mazda CVTF 3320
  • Mercedes Benz CVT28, 236.20
  • Mini Cooper EZL 799A, ZF CVT V1
  • Mitsubishi DiaQueen CVTF-J1, CVTF-J4
  • Nissan NS-1, NS-2, NS-3
  • Subaru e-CVTF, i-CVTF, Lineartronic® CVTF, K0425Y0710, CV-30
  • Suzuki CVTF 3320, TC, NS-2, CVTF Green1, CVTF Green 2
  • Toyota/Lexus TC, FE
  • Daihatsu Amix CVTF-DC, CVTF-DFE
  • Punch EZL 799A
  • Shell Green 1V

Features and Benefits of AMSOIL Synthetic CVT Fluid

  • Compatible with the CVT units of most popular car makers
  • Defends against CVT transmission wear
  • Provides cooler operation
  • Resists transmission slippage
  • Prevents deposits for cleaner operation
  • Offers smooth performance
  • Provides excellent cold weather performance

Reduces Wear and Prevents Heat Build-up

AMSOIL formulated this elite CVT fluid with their best synthetic base oils and a generous additive package. It is designed to prevent wear in belts, chains, pulleys and bearings. This synthetic fluid is also formulated to prevent heat build-up. Wear control coupled with moderate operating temperatures translates into maximum CV transmission life. Conventional CVT fluid simply can’t compare.

Can a Synthetic Oil Cause CVT Slippage?

A common question asked relating to applications like this is whether the “slippery” characteristics of synthetic oil can cause CVT transmission slippage under hard acceleration or heavy loads. There is absolutely no increased risk of CVT transmission slippage when using a synthetic CVT fluid over a conventional or “dino” CVT oil. A synthetic oil designed for CVT applications has the proper frictional characteristics meaning that is designed to prevent slippage and deliver reliable torque transfer. In fact, AMSOIL Synthetic CVT Fluid’s superior ability to restrain heat build-up provides added insurance against CVT transmission performance issues.

Remember also that synthetic oils have been providing superior performance and protection in automatic transmissions and motorcycle wet-clutches for decades. The technological advances brought by synthetic oil (and AMSOIL specifically) can improve the performance and lifespan of your CVT transmission as well.

Smooth CVT Transmission Performance

AMSOIL carefully designed the frictional characteristics of this Synthetic CVT fluid to provide steady torque transfer in all climates and under all load conditions. Expect smooth, consistent shudder-free driving throughout your car’s RPM range.

Fights Deposits for Clean, Long-Term Performance

AMSOIL CVT’s abilty to withstand high temperatures also contributes to its superior abilty to prevent transmission deposits and varnish. Deposits are generally the residue leftover when a fluid begins to fail or sustain heat damage. As this CVT fluid is strongly resistant to shearing, overheating and breakdown, transmission deposits are not a risk factor.

Consistent Cold Weather Performance

Not only does AMSOIL Synthetic CVT Fluid handle extreme heat, it also delivers steady performance in bitter winter conditions. With a cold-pour-point of -45°C (-49°F), this product will deliver consistent, year-round CVT operation.

Service Life of AMSOIL Synthetic CVT Fluid

AMSOIL Synthetic CVT Fluid is recommended for oil change intervals as prescribed by the vehicle owner’s manual or as indicated by the oil life monitoring system.

Mixing AMSOIL Synthetic CVT Fluid with Other Brands

AMSOIL Synthetic CVT Fluid is compatible with other brands of conventional, semi-synthetic and synthetic CVT fluid. While you can safely mix AMSOIL Synthetic Oil with other brands, this will reduce the drain interval and performance capabilities of AMSOIL CVT Fluid.

Warning: Do not mix with other types of transmission oil (example: ATF). The use of any aftermarket oil additives with AMSOIL Synthetic CVT Fluid is definitely NOT recommended.


AMSOIL Synthetic CVT Fluid (CVT)

Kinematic Viscosity @ 100°C, cSt (ASTM D-445)


Kinematic Viscosity @ 40°C, cSt (ASTM D-445)


Viscosity Index (ASTM D-2270)


Flash Point °C (°F) (ASTM D-92)

212 (414)

Pour Point °C (°F) (ASTM D-97)

-45 (-49)

Brookfield Viscosity, cP (ASTM D2983)


Foam Tendency (ASTM D892, Sequence I, II, III)

0/0, 10/0, 0/0

AMSOIL Synthetic CVT Fluid
A synthetic replacement fluid for most any car with a CVT transmission.
Manufacturer: AMSOIL
Model: Synthetic CVT Fluid
Product ID: CVT