AMSOIL Silicone Spray LubeAMSOIL Silicone Spray Lube provides lubrication, water resistance and protection for a wide variety of materials. Ideal for applications where non-metal and metal materials require lubrication.

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10-oz. Spray Can
10-oz. Spray Cans (or buy case of 6)

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Features and Benefits of AMSOIL Silicone Spray Lube

  • Provides water resistance and/or lubrication
  • Odorless
  • Will not stain
  • Preserves rubbers, plastics and related materials
  • Food grade certified
  • 1001 uses for home, shop and industry

Where is a Silicone Spray Lube Used?

The main functions of silicone spray lube are to either waterproof and protect non-metal surfaces or lubricate non-metal materials (such as plastic) or where non-metal material come in contact with metal.

Materials protected and waterproofed by AMSOIL Silicone Spray Lube:

  • rubber
  • plastic
  • vinyl
  • leather
  • suede
  • carbon fiber
  • canvas
  • cardboard
  • coroplast
  • jackets
  • boots, shoes
  • car door seals

Note: Although AMSOIL Silicone Spray Lube does not stain, when treating leather or suede clothing or footwear, treat an inconspicuous area first and then inspect for discoloration.

Items lubricated by AMSOIL Silicone Spray Lube:

  • Cabinet drawer slides
  • Bicycle and motorcycle cables and housings
  • Gaskets, rubber seals
  • Fiberglass parts
  • Plastic parts
  • Window frames
  • Mold release

Oildepot Tip

One of our main uses of AMSOIL Silicone Spray Lube is for conditioning rubber car door seals. We spray or wipe a healthy dosage of Silicone Spray Lube on these seals two or three times per year to keep the seals supple and prevent drying, shrinking and cracking. Silicone Spray lube also repels water and keeps them from freezing in the winter. Preserving these doors seals allow them to keep out noise and dust for as long as you own your vehicle. Don’t forget the trunk seal!

Food Grade Certification

AMSOIL Silicone Spray Lube carries the USDA H-1 certificate for “incidental food contact” meaning that this product can be used in food processing environments where a lubricant with this specification is desired.

Protects, lubricates and waterproofs numerous plastic and rubber materials. Lubricates these materials in situations where they contact metal.
Manufacturer: AMSOIL
Model: Silicone Spray Lube
Product ID: ALS