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AMSOIL Synthetic Multi-Purpose Greases are qualified against the highest grease standards and are designed for multiple use applications. Composed of premium quality synthetic base oils and lithium complex thickeners, Multi-Purpose Greases provide superior film strength, shear resistance, adhesion properties and mechanical stability, and they excel in temperature extremes by providing excellent oxidation stability, high temperature dropping points and low temperature torque values and pumping capabilities. AMSOIL Synthetic Multi-Purpose Greases are formulated with oil soluble extreme-pressure additives for heavy loads, as well as oxidation and corrosion inhibitors that impart good oxidation stability and rust protection.


High dropping point of 430°F
Resists thermal and oxidation degradation
Excellent water-washout resistance
Good low temperature pumpability and torque values
Adhesive and shear stable to prevent squeeze out
Applications or Requirements
GLA (#0) Cincinnati Milicron P-79 Spec


AMSOIL Synthetic Multi-Purpose Grease grade #0 is recommended in manual or automatic lubricating systems. NLGI #0 (GLA) has better mobility and is the preferred choice for colder applications, automatic lubrication systems with long pumping runs and gear box applications (where recommended by manufacturer).
The correct consistency grade of AMSOIL Synthetic Multi-Purpose Grease is recommended in heavy and light duty applications found in manufacturing plants, automobiles, agricultural and construction equipment. These include, but are not limited to, roller bearings, plain bearings, thrust bearings, gears, electric motors, presses, winches, bushings, wheel bearings, chassis lubrication, universal joints, ball joints, tie-rod ends, and steering knuckles. AMSOIL Synthetic Multi-Purpose Greases are suitable for use up to 350 degrees F. When operating at elevated temperatures, frequent regreasing may be required.
AMSOIL Synthetic Multi-Purpose Greases are compatible with many other types of greases. However, it is recommended that when changing greases, the equipment be cleaned of the old grease when possible or flushed with a liberal amount of Multi-Purpose Grease while the mechanism is in operation. Closely monitor the system for any inconsistencies. Grease compatibility questions should be referred to your AMSOIL representative or AMSOIL Inc.


Maintaining a clean work environment is important when equipment greasing is performed. Wipe grease fittings clean prior to injecting grease to prevent contaminant ingestion. Maintain bearing housings one-third to one-half full of grease. Do not over-grease, as excessive heat buildup can result. Supplement standard grease maintenance by periodically cleaning and packing housings with fresh grease on an established maintenance schedule.

Specifications of AMSOIL Synthetic Multi-Purpose Grease grade #0

Thickenerlithium complex
NLGI consistency grade0
NLGI performance gradeNA
Penetration – ASTM D 217 (25°C [77°F], 0.1 mm) worked 60 strokes355-385
Dropping point, °F[°C] – ASTM D2265430 [221]
High temperature life, hours – ASTM D 3527120
Oxidation stability, psi – ASTM D 942 (100 hr/300 hr)1/5
Water washout, percent – ASTM D 126416.7
Rust and corrosion – ASTM D 1743pass
Oil separation, percent loss – ASTM D 1742 (24 hours, 25°C [77°F]5.2
Leakage, g lost – ASTM D 4290NA
Four ball wear test, mm scar – ASTM D 22660.45
Fretting wear, mg – ASTM D 4170NA
Four ball EP, kgf – ASTM D 2596, Weld point
Load wear index
Timken OK load test, lbs – ASTM D 250945
Low temperature torque, N*m – ASTM D 4693 (-40°C [-40°F])0.46
LT-37 pumpability, g/min (60°F/0°F [16°C/-18°C])1475/73
Copper corrosion – ASTM D 40481B
Disc brake wheel bearing specifications
Ford ESA-M1C 198-A
Chrysler MS-3701
Oil viscosity:
40°C [104°F], cSt
100°C [212°F], cSt
Flash point, °F[°C] – ASTM 92450[232]
Texturesmooth with tack