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As an alternative to our AMSOIL filter line, we carry quality WIX filters. WIX Filter is one of the world’s oldest and most respected makers of oil, air, fuel, cabin air and transmission filters. To find the correct WIX filter for your car or truck, visit the Oildepot Filter Look-up Tool.

WIX Oil Filters

WIX Oil FiltersCar owners have trusted the quality of WIX oil filters for generations. They depend on WIX to deliver superior construction along with steadfast engine protection at a reasonable price. WIX oil filters have quality features such as an efficient synthetic-blend media, a flexible silicone anti-drainback valve, a metal base plate and a coil spring to enhance the solid construction.

WIX Air Filters

WIX Air FilterWIX air filters offer OEM-replacement quality at a value price. A generous media density of 9 pleats per inch offers outstanding capacity and efficiency on both panel and radial air filters. WIX uses quality urethane sealing gaskets and strong adhesives for strength and long service life. When you drop in a WIX air filter, you can do so with confidence.

Cabin Air Filters

WIX Cabin Air FilterCabin air filters should be replaced annually and when you remove your current filter, you will see why (it won’t be pretty, trust us). WIX cabin air filters are treated with Bioshield 75 to prevent the development of molds, algae, bacteria, spores and yeast. Maintain the air quality in your vehicle. Save big money by performing this task yourself. Dealers charge huge dollars for what can be a simple task in many vehicles. Consult YouTube for specific instructions for your car or see Cabin Air Filter Installation Instructions (2MB PDF)

Diesel Coolant Filters

WIX Coolant FilterWIX coolant filters gather and contain undesirable particles for proper coolant performance. Some units contain an additive that guards against corrosion and maintains the pH level of the antifreeze.


Fuel Filters

WIX Fuel FilterHigh quality WIX fuel filters keep contaminants from fouling fuel pumps and injectors for reliable, long-term performance in diesel and gasoline engines. Many of the diesel fuel filters are designed with a bottom drain plug for easy removal of water.

Hydraulic Filters

Foreign materials and hydraulic systems are not a desirable mix. Oildepot offers WIX hydraulic filters which are designed to keep hydraulic oil pure for flawless system performance.

Transmission Filters

WIX transmission filters are among the world’s best selling transmission filters. Sound engineering and reliable performance make these transmission filters a smart OEM replacement in cars and light trucks.

Crankcase Breather Filters

Oildepot offers reliable WIX crankcase breather filters for classic cars as well as today’s vehicles.

WIX Racing Oil Filters

WIX Racing Oil FiltersWIX Racing Oil Filters are found on more NASCAR engines than any other brand. These racing filters are designed to remove small particles, allow high oil flow and withstand extreme oil pressure. Trust nothing else on your racing or hot rod engine. Contact us with the form at the top of the page for prices.

WIX Racing Filters Cross Reference Guide (66k PDF)

Oildepot offers WIX oil, air, cabin air, fuel, hydraulic, transmission and racing filters for sale in Canada and the USA.
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