AMSOIL EaAR Air Filters For Street RodsReplacement performance air filters for carb-equipped racers, muscle cars, street rods and classic cars. These AMSOIL 14 inch air filters are constructed with a cleanable, reusable synthetic media. Enjoy optimum air flow along with outstanding engine protection from fine dirt and dust.

Pre-Filter Covers for EaAR Air Filters Now Available

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Available in Several Sizes

AMSOIL EaAR Air Filters for carburetors deliver the industry’s most potent blend of engine protection, optimum air flow and beauty (hey, that’s important too!). Not only does the EaAR filter’s synthetic media offer exceptional breathing, these units come with a filter lid that incorporates more air filter area. This allows for air flow from the top and side for more capacity than your engine could possibly need. These 14 inch air filter kits are available in heights from 2 inches through 6 inches (see chart below for exact dimensions).

Unsurpassed Engine Protection

The emphasis for air filters in most performance applications is on taking in as much air as possible. Often overlooked is filtration aspect of the equation. AMSOIL’s proprietary Ea synthetic air filter media delivers exceptional dirt/dust stopping ability with optimum air flow, so you get the best of both worlds. The EaAR filters remove 50 times more dirt than oiled-cotton-gauze filters and five times more dirt than cellulose (paper) air filters. AMSOIL Air Filters protect your expensive engine from dirt ingestion while delivering maximum air flow volumes.

Why Use Synthetic Air Filters?

Oiled-gauze filters tend to be very weak in terms of fine dust filtration. Cellulose (paper) air filters tend to be very restrictive in terms of air flow. AMSOIL’s synthetic EaAR Air Filters offer the right balance of both. The Ea synthetic filter media is comprised of millions of microscopic pores on the surface of the air filter. This allows for adequate air flow, even when the filter becomes dirty. Dirt and dust remains on the surface of the filter without penetrating the inner region of the filter and this dirt is removed during the simple servicing process.

Sturdy Design for Long Life

Not only is the synthetic media of AMSOIL EaAR Air Filters quite durable in itself, it is fortified with epoxy-coated screen for rigidity. Flexible and heat-resistant plastisol mating materials allow for a tight seal and contribute to the ultra-longevity of these units.

How to Clean an AMSOIL EaAR Air Filter

Simply unbolt the filter from the carburetor and bring the unit to an open area. Then you have the choice of using either a vacuum cleaner or light compressed air to clean the element.

Vacuum Method
Simply vacuum the dirty side of the air filter using special care not to allow dirt into the inside of the filter element.

Compressed Air Method
Using only 15 to 20 psi of compressed air, carefully blow at a 45 degree angle from the clean side (blowing the dirt off the element rather than in).

How Often Should I Clean my AMSOIL EaAR Air Filter?

For race cars or classic cars that are only operated occasionally, simply clean as needed.

For daily drivers, clean once per year or every 25,000 miles (40,000 km), or whichever comes first.

Clean the filter more often if operated in extremely dusty conditions.

Consult the below dimension sheet for applications.

AMSOIL#Diameter (in.)Height (in.)Description
EaAR2102142-3/4Complete Filter Kit
EaAR2103143-5/8Complete Filter Kit
EaAR2104144-11/16Complete Filter Kit
EaAR2105145-11/16Complete Filter Kit
EaAR2106146-7/8Complete Filter Kit
EaAR214014N/AReplacement Base for Kit
EaAR2141147/8Replacement Lid for Kit
EaAR2142142Replacement Filter for Kit
EaAR2143143Replacement Filter for Kit
EaAR2143144Replacement Filter for Kit
EaAR2145145Replacement Filter for Kit
EaAR2146146Replacement Filter for Kit