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A dry, reusable long-life upgrade.

Guaranteed for 4 Years or 160,000 km’s/100,000 miles

Find the Filter That Fits Your Vehicle

If you were designing the ultimate drop-in air filter for your car or truck, which features would you add? How about giving it a dry, synthetic media that is easily cleanable and reusable? And give that filter media unparalleled filtering ability, even in very fine dirt and dust. Lastly make sure that this media has excess dirt holding capacity and engine breathing is not compromised even as it gets dirty. Does an air filter with all of these features seem unrealistic? You can buy an air filter with all of these features today! With a reasonable price and a 100,000 mile (160,000 km) service life, this is the best value on the air filter market.

The serviceable AMSOIL Ea Air Filter has all of these features and more!

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AMSOIL Ea Synthetic Air Filter Features and Benefits

  • Synthetic media removes 50 times more dirt than oiled-cotton-gauze type air filters and five times more than regular cellulose air filters
  • Easily cleanable and serviceable over several years for a long, economical life
  • Dense synthetic media allows for superior air flow with no drop in power or fuel economy as it loads up with contaminants.
  • Holds 15 times more dirt than oiled, cotton gauze air filters.
  • Precise fit and accurate seal
  • Available for numerous popular domestic and foreign applications

Why Oiled-Cotton-Gauze Air Filters Are a Bad Idea

As mentioned, the AMSOIL Ea Synthetic Air Filters remove 50 times more dirt and have 15 times more holding capacity over the oiled-cotton air filters. We know from our own experience using oiled-cotton air filters and analyzing the used engine oil afterward that they are weak on fine dust removal. Another significant risk is getting filter oil sucked into the air intake and fouling the mass-airflow (MAF) sensor. We have had this happen and the performance and drivability issues are significant. This isn’t necessarily a result of over-oiling as we’ve had this happen with K&N filters right out of the box. When servicing oil-cotton filters, it’s quite easy to “over oil” one of these units in an attempt to get complete coverage and MAF sensor fouling is then a huge risk.

A huge advantage that AMSOIL Ea Air Filters offer is that the filter is dry and does not require wet-washing and re-oiling (see “Servicing and Cleaning” below for the simple details). Oiled-cotton-gauze filters require washing, a long drying time and then messy re-oiling.

Improved Air Flow over Paper Filters – Even When Dirty

AMSOIL’s proprietary synthetic filter material employs tiny fibers that keep contaminants on the surface of the filter that can easily be removed at service time. Unlike other air filter types, the depth of the AMSOIL synthetic media is always clean, allowing for consistent air flow, regardless of how much dirt the filter has gathered. As the Ea filter surface has millions of tiny, consistently-sized surface pores, the air filter always has ample surface area to draw optimum air flow.

Cellulose/paper air filters have larger pore openings which allow dirt to fill the inner depths of the filter media and choke off air flow until performance and fuel economy begin to suffer.

Traps and Holds More Dirt

Due to the synthetic air filter media’s tiny pores, a lot more dirt can be held before any air flow drop occurs.  AMSOIL Ea Synthetic Air Filters hold 2.5 times more dirt than cellulose/paper air filters and 15 times more dirt than oiled-cotton-gauze filters.

Magnified View of AMSOIL Ea Nanofiber Media

Cleaning- Easy, Fast, No Mess

The problem with conventional paper/cellulose air filters? They aren’t cleanable; you throw them away every year. The problem with wet, oil-cotton-gauze air filters? The process of cleaning and re-oiling is messy and you have to wait an eternity for the filter to dry before applying the oil. There is also the clear risk of applying too much oil which can make its way downstream and foul the mass airflow sensor.

To clean the AMSOIL Ea Synthetic Air Filters, you simply run your shop vac over the dirty side of the filter or using light compressed air (15-20 PSI), carefully blow off the filter at a 45 degree angle until clean. It’s that simple. Install the air filter and carry on. Do this once per year or every 25,000 miles (40,000 km), whichever of these milestones you hit first.

Clean more often in of-road or extremely dusty operating conditions or as dictated by a restriction gauge.

AMSOIL Ea Capacity Compared to Cellulose & Wet Gauze

Above: AMSOIL Ea Air Filters hold 15 times more dust than a wet gauze type filter.

Efficiency Chart of AMSOIL Eaa Compared to Cellulose & Wet Gauze

Above: AMSOIL Ea Air Filter media removes 5 times more dust than traditional cellulose filters and 50 times more dust than wet gauze.

Saves Money

Buy just one AMSOIL air filter over the next fours years rather than purchase paper replacements or re-oiling kits. Over those fours years, enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having the protection of the most efficient air filter on the market.


To see if we offer an AMSOIL Ea Synthetic Air Filters for your car or light truck, visit the Oildepot Filter Look-up Tool.

Service Life

AMSOIL Ea Synthetic Air Filters can stay in service for up to 100,000 miles (160,000 km) or four years (whichever comes first).

AMSOIL Ea Synthetic Air Filters
A dry, serviceable synthetic air filter that removes fine dirt and dust while maintaining peak air flow, even when dirt.
Manufacturer: AMSOIL
Model: Ea Synthetic Air Filter
Product ID: EAA