AMSOIL Power Foam Carb CleanerA safe, effective cleaner for use in any gasoline-powered engine. Can cure pinging or recover lost performance and gas mileage. Cleans deposits on intake manifolds, valves, carburetors and throttle plates. Just spray into intake for fast results. NOT for internal use in diesel engines. For sale in USA only.

AMSOIL Power Foam package sizes include:
18-oz. Spray Can (or buy case of 12)


Features and Benefits of AMSOIL Power Foam

  • Improves start-up, idling, throttle response and gas mileage
  • Can cure pinging related to excessive engine deposits
  • Cleans carb orifices plugged by stale gasoline
  • Reduces exhaust emissions
  • Safe for fuel injected and carburetor-equipped engines
  • Dissolves carbon and gummy deposits
  • Safe for rubber/plastic engine parts, seals, gaskets
  • Safe for catalytic converters

Suitable Applications for AMSOIL Power Foam

This product is suitable for any 4-stoke or 2-stroke engine. Ideal for small engines or automotive. Not for use in diesel engines.

  • Cars/trucks
  • Small engines
  • Motorcycle/ATV
  • Snowmobile
  • Marine

Directions for Use

When using in running engines:

Cover painted areas and exterior items that may be exposed to over-spray (see “Warning” below)

  • Only spray product in well-ventilated area.
  • Bring engine up to operating temperature and shut down
  • Remove air intake assembly
  • Start engine and spray Power Foam directly into throttle body without allowing engine to stall
  • Avoid spraying directly on mass airflow sensor
  • Turn off engine and allow Power Foam to work for 15 minutes
  • Reinstall air cleaner assembly
  • Restart engine and take for drive if possible

When using on individual parts:

Can also be used to clean carburetors on the workbench. Simply spray on and allow Power Foam to soak away deposits.


Do not allow over-spray on paint, exterior plastic, fiberglass, rubber or windshield wiper blades. Do not use as a general degreasing product.

An aerosol spray cleaner that restores engine performance and mileage. Clean valves, carburetors and throttle plates.
Manufacturer: AMSOIL
Model: Power Foam
Product ID: APF