AMSOIL Heavy-Duty Antifreeze/CoolantA pre-diluted antifreeze formula that is ideal for heavy-duty diesel or gasoline-powered passenger car/light truck applications. AMSOIL Heavy-Duty Antifreeze/Coolant provides exceptional protection against temperature extremes, cavitation and corrosion. This moderately priced antifreeze is ideal for fleets.

Package Sizes of AMSOIL Heavy-Duty Antifreeze/Coolant

  • 1-US Gallon (3.78L) Bottle (or buy case of 4)
  • 55-US Gallon (208L) Drum

Features and Benefits of AMSOIL Heavy-Duty Antifreeze/Coolant

  • Pre-diluted with ultra-pure water, so it’s ready to pour
  • Delivers powerful freeze and boil-over protection
  • Does not require supplemental coolant additives
  • Lubricates water pumps
  • Dopes not contains silicates or phosphate
  • Exceptional prevention of corrosion on aluminum, steel, copper and brass
  • The pH balanced to prevent scaling and deposits
  • Provides a long service life
  • Reasonable price tag

Suitable Applications For AMSOIL Heavy-Duty Antifreeze/Coolant

This product is suitable for heavy-duty diesel engines or domestic and import passenger car/light truck engines powered by gasoline engines. Compatible with all plastic types, all gaskets and hose types. It is ideal for applications requiring the following global specifications:

  • ASTM D4985, D6210
  • Case IH
  • Caterpillar EC-1
  • Chrysler MS7170
  • Cummins CES14603
  • Detroit Diesel 7SE298, 93K217
  • Fiat Professional; Fiat Truck
  • Ford WSS-M97B51-A1
  • Freightliner 48-22880
  • John Deere 8650-5
  • Mack Truck CNH
  • MTU MTL5048, 5049
  • New Holland
  • PACCAR: Kenworth, Peterbilt
  • TMC of ATA RP329, 330, 338
  • US Military CID A-A-52624A

What Type Of Formula Is AMSOIL Heavy-Duty Antifreeze/Coolant?

AMSOIL Heavy-Duty Antifreeze/Coolant is a pre-diluted ethylene glycol product using a poly-organic acid formulation.

What Are the Freeze And Boil Over Points of AMSOIL Heavy-Duty Antifreeze/Coolant?

  • Freeze point -37°C (-34°F)
  • Boil point 129°C (265°F) (with 15 PSI radiator cap)

Can You Mix AMSOIL Heavy-Duty Antifreeze/Coolant with Other Antifreeze Products?

Although AMSOIL Heavy-Duty Antifreeze/Coolant is compatible with other ethylene glycol and propylene glycol antifreeze formulas, it is best to mix different formulation types for top-up purposes only. Mixing different antifreeze formula types, can lead to an uncertain freeze point.

How Do You Use AMSOIL Heavy-Duty Antifreeze/Coolant?

  • Do not remove radiator cap until engine is completely cool
  • This product is pre-mixed, do not add water
  • Check owner’s manual for proper maintenance practices
  • Dispose of used antifreeze in accordance with local laws

Service Life of AMSOIL Heavy-Duty Antifreeze/Coolant

This product has a service life of 240,000 kilometres (150,000 miles) or 5 years, whichever comes first.