AMSOIL 5W-30 Synthetic Small Engine OilA versatile, all-season, full-synthetic oil for hard-working small engines. Ideal for commercial operators or homeowners. Withstands extreme conditions and long service intervals.

AMSOIL Small Engine Oil package sizes include:
1-Quart Bottle (or buy case of 12)

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Suitable Applications For AMSOIL 5W-30 Synthetic Small Engine Oil

Ideal for any small engine requiring a 5W-30 or SAE 30 motor oil. Suitable for gasoline, liquid propane or natural gas-powered engines. Also suitable for some utility diesel engines. A safe motor oil choice for the following engine brands.

  • Briggs & Stratton
  • Honda
  • Kohler
  • Champion
  • Generac
  • Toro
  • Ariens
  • Troy-Bilt
  • John Deere
  • MTD
  • Husqvarna

AMSOIL 5W-30 Synthetic Small Engine Oil covers the following industry specifications:

  • API SL, SJ, SH, SG (gasoline engines)
  • API CD, CF (diesel engines)
  • JASO MA/MA2, (wet-clutch compatible for motorcycle/ATV transmissions or common sumps)

Features And Benefits Of AMSOIL 5W-30 Synthetic Small Engine Oil

  • Provides tough wear protection, withstands severe operating conditions
  • Can be used in small engines powered by gasoline, natural gas, liquid propane or diesel
  • Suitable for use in extreme heat or cold weather
  • Resists oil consumption
  • Protects against internal rust and corrosion
  • Withstands long service intervals
  • Prevents engine deposits

Why Use A Dedicated Small Engine Oil?

Today’s automotive motor oils are formulated to be compatible with modern emissions sensors and equipment. As small engines are not generally equipped with emissions components, a different approach can be taken. AMSOIL 5W-30 Synthetic Small Engine Oil is a highly robust product that is loaded with zinc anti-wear ingredients. This powerful formula is unlike any regular car motor oil.

Severe Service Wear Protection

AMSOIL 5W-30 Synthetic Small Engine Oil is formulated with a shear-stable, 100% synthetic base oil that is packed with anti-wear ingredients. The result is an engine oil that withstands extreme heat and long hours of heavy workloads. There is no better way to protect your investment.

All-Climate Protection

This synthetic formula provides dependable all-season performance. AMSOIL Small Engine 5W-30 is just as capable in a snowblower in arctic conditions as it is in a commercial lawn mower in summer heat. It is resistant to thinning-out and boiling-off during long hours of extreme heat. The -44°C (-47°F) cold-pour-point delivers instant start-up protection in severe cold weather.

Fights Rust And Corrosion

AMSOIL added a strong anti-rust and corrosion package to this oil. This provides excellent protection during long-term storage. It is also a benefit for engines that operate in wet or humid conditions.

Mixing AMSOIL Small Engine 5W-30 With Other Brands

AMSOIL 5W-30 Synthetic Small Engine Oil is compatible with all other brands of conventional, semi-synthetic and synthetic 4-stroke small engine oils. While you can safely mix AMSOIL with other brands, this will reduce the drain interval and performance capabilities of AMSOIL oil.

The use of any aftermarket oil additives is definitely NOT recommended.

Service Life Of AMSOIL Small Engine 5W-30

AMSOIL 5W-30 Synthetic Small Engine Oil is capable of oil change intervals beyond the threshold as stated by the equipment owner’s manual. As these intervals can vary widely, use the manufacturer’s suggested drain interval as a guideline or employ oil analysis.


AMSOIL Synthetic 5W-30 Small Engine Oil (AES)

Kinematic Viscosity @ 100°C, cSt (ASTM D-445)


Kinematic Viscosity @ 40°C, cSt (ASTM D-445)


Viscosity Index (ASTM D-2270)


Pour Point °C (°F) (ASTM D-97)

-44 (-47)

Flash Point °C (°F) (ASTM D-92)

238 (460)

Fire Point °C (°F) (ASTM D-92)

246 (475)

Four Ball Wear Test
(ASTM D-4172B: 40 kg, 75°C, 1200 rpm, 1 hour), Scar, mm


Noack Volatility, % weight loss (g/100g) (ASTM D-5800)


High Temperature/High Shear @ 150°C and 1.0 X 106 s-1, cP (ASTM D 4683), cP


Total Base Number