Disclosure: We do not sell any products offered by MacNeil Automotive Products Limited and received no compensation for this product review.

When you consider your wish list of accessories for your car, truck or SUV, many products likely come to mind. Understandably, premium floor mats may not be near the top of your list. New floor mats may move up your list as we show you our experience with the WeatherTech FloorLiner DigitalFit product from MacNeil Automotive Products Limited.

When we went shopping for a quality mat set for the Oildepot.ca Honda Ridgeline, we certainly had plenty of options. We looked at several generic “one-size-fits-all” sets, but having had some experience with vehicle-specific mats in the past, we knew that there was better to be had. We asked the manager of a local auto accessory store for his recommendation. He said, “Do you want the absolute best?” We said, “Yes!”. He said, “Follow me”. He led me out to his new F-350 and opened a back door. “I won’t be without these in any of my vehicles”, he said. We could see why. There was mud and gravel spread throughout the rear floor of his new diesel pick up. “I have kids”, he sighed. “Enough said”, we thought. We have kids too, so an order was placed on the spot. We ordered the complete front and back set.

When we took delivery of the mats, we were pleasantly surprised by the hardy construction and the glossy finish. There was even a form-fitted mat for the storage area under the back seat. Once we installed them, we were absolutely blown away! These mats fit every contour of the floor as precisely as you can imagine and the generous sides left little doubt that this product was going to offer serious carpet protection. The OEM floor anchors mated perfectly for a secure and permanent-feeling installation. Once installed, these mats stay in place like part of the floor.

Weathertech FloorLiner DigitalFit Front Mat

Note how the mat contours under the pedals and around the sides of the cab. Impressive!

Weathertech FloorLiner DigitalFit Winter Grime

Here is the driver’s mat after several months of winter.

Honda Ridgeline Carpet Without Floor Mat

Once the mat is removed, the carpet still looks like new. The mat contained virtually every drop of snow, slush and water. All that is left of the winter grime is a few pebbles around the perimeter. Thirty seconds of vacuuming addressed that.

Weathertech FloorLiner DigitalFit Back Mats

Here is the backseat set with the seat in the upright position. Again note how the unit fits every contour of the cab. We especially appreciate the tray that fits the under-seat area.

Dirty Weathertech FloorLiner Back Mats

Sigh… Here is what we have after several winter months of kids getting in and out. They never seem to heed our request to keep their feet off the backs of the seat either. Sigh…

Back Seat Area Honda Ridgeline Without Mats

Once the dirty mats are removed, once again we find the carpet in pristine condition; save for a few pesky pebbles.

Cleaning Weathertech FloorLiner

Cleaning the FloorLiners is easy. Shake off the stones, hose them down and use a soapy brush to clean the fine crevices.

Rinsing Weathertech FloorLiner

Then simply rinse with a hose or pressure washer.

Weathertech FloorLiner DigitalFit After Cleaning

We finished up with a treatment of our favourite rubber/vinyl protectant. Just like new!


Some may find the appearance of the FloorLiner product to be a bit too utilitarian. Personally, we appreciate the look and as you’ve seen, we can’t say enough about the fit and function. These units are a tad pricey, but the long-term service that they will provide seems like a tremendous value to us. Like the manager of our local auto accessory store, we will never be without these either. Check the WeatherTech Application Guide to see if they produce a set for your vehicle. Perhaps new floor mats are moving up your wish list?