As you prepare to put those boats, motorcycles, ATV’s and lawn/garden equipment away for the winter (or those snowmobiles for the summer), we hope that you consider performing some vital maintenance on your machinery before you shut down for the last time this season.

Fuel system maintenance is mandatory if you want your machine to start and run properly next season. Today’s fuels degrade rapidly and can leave deposits and varnish that can plug carbs and injectors causing expensive repairs next spring. Simply add AMSOIL Gasoline Stabilizer to your last tank of fuel and run the engine long enough to draw it through the carburetor(s). Top up the fuel tank to prevent a pocket for condensation to form. The AMSOIL Gasoline Stabilizer is a premium product and you can be sure that it will preserve that fuel through the winter. Be careful with those bargain brands. Make sure that the fuel you are treating is reasonably fresh (less then 3 weeks old)! Once the fuel has degraded, the horse is out of the barn. Adding stabilizer to stale fuel is not going to improve its condition. All summer I add stabilizer to every single can of fuel I bring home for my lawn equipment. In small quantities, today’s gasoline can degrade in under a month, so fuel stabilizer can keep equipment running strong and your engines deposit free. I have been told by small engine mechanics that degraded fuel and the resulting carb jobs are a mainstay of their business.

Once your fuel is treated, the next important job is to “fog” your engine. Quite simply, this is using a spray product like AMSOIL Engine Fogging Oil and spraying directly into the carb or intake system while the engine is running. The fogging oil is drawn into the engine internals providing a protective film that prevents rust on bearings and cylinder walls for the storage period. After shutdown, pull the spark plug(s) and spray a shot of fogging oil into the cylinder. Before re-installing the plugs, turn the engine over to make sure the oil is distributed. If possible, drain the carb(s) and your fuel system treatment is complete. Now there is no reason why your machine shouldn’t run just as well next spring as it did when you parked it.

Here are a few more random tips:

Put the unit away with fresh motor oil in the crankcase. Combustion by-products can create acids, so it would be best if these contaminants were drained before long-term storage. AMSOIL synthetic motor oils have robust anti-rust and anti-corrosion properties.

  • Clean and polish machinery before storage. This prevents rust and corrosion. Spray any bare metal with a product like AMSOIL Metal Protector.
  • Grease any serviceable pivot points and oil control cables.
  • Clean or replace air filters.
  • Make sure that tires are properly inflated.
  • Basically perform any and all maintenance so that the unit is ready to roll when the spring arrives. If any tasks are left undone, tie a note to the unit so it isn’t forgotten next year.

AMSOIL Fuel Stabilizer

  • Suitable for all gasoline fuel.
  • Keeps fuel from deteriorating during storage, allowing easier start-ups.
  • Prevents the formation of varnish and gum in fuel systems and storage tanks.
  • Ideal for all two- and four-cycle engines including motorcycles, snowmobiles, boats, ATV’s, tillers, mowers, car, trucks, snow-blowers, chainsaws, generators, farm and construction equipment and much more.

AMSOIL Fogging Oil

  • Superior film retention
  • Long-term protection against corrosion and dry starts
  • Extends engine life and reduces operating expenses
  • Aerosol spray formulation offers easy and clean applications
  • Reaches more components and offering better distribution than straight motor oil