High-tech Donaldson filters provide filtration beyond industry standards.

More than 35 years of providing consistently superior products has defined a new level of quality. AMSOIL has built its reputation on providing the most advanced synthetic lubricants available, so quality control is paramount. Everything from raw chemicals to quart bottles is thoroughly tested to ensure it meets AMSOIL quality parameters. Part of the quality control process at AMSOIL has always filtered its products to a higher degree than industry standards mandate, and the recent transfer of AMSOIL production facilities to the AMSOIL Center provided the perfect opportunity to investigate new filtration technologies.

The Problem

In order to keep up with demand, AMSOIL increased production capabilities at the AMSOIL Center by 250 percent. The new system uses higher flow rates and increased pressures, and the filters used in the old system couldn’t hold up to the increased demands. If employed in the new system, the old filters would collapse under the pressure, allowing any debris captured within to flow freely into finished products. AMSOIL turned to one of its corporate partners for help.

The Solution

Donaldson is the leader in industrial filtration technology. AMSOIL and Donaldson worked together to create a filter that would not only withstand the flow rates and pressures inside the production lines, but provide AMSOIL-quality filtration as well. The solution came in the Donaldson HRK10 In-Line Hydraulic Filter. The HRK10 provides superior filtration along with unmatched durability.

Solid Construction

AMSOIL installed 30 custom filter housings specially built by Donaldson to AMSOIL specifications. These rugged, heavy duty housings are all steel and have a basket-like design that ensures contaminants captured by the filter remain in the filter, even during change-out. Other systems filter the lubricant as it flows into the filter rather than on its way out, leaving the contaminants to collect in the bottom of the housing. The Donaldson HRK10 filter and housing are designed so that the lubricant flows from the inside of the filter to the outside, keeping contaminants trapped inside. This allows the filter to be removed from the housing with all of the contaminants still intact. The HRK10 filter housings are designed to withstand pressures far greater than what they’ll face at AMSOIL. They are static burst rated to 500 psi, with flow ranges to 300 gallons per minute.

Synthetic Media

The Donaldson HRK10 features Donaldson synthetic Synteq™ filter media, the same media used in Donaldson Endurance heavy-duty filters. Synteq synthetic filter media has smooth, rounded fibers for low resistance to flow while maintaining a high efficiency rate.

Impressive Results

AMSOIL achieved all of its goals through its partnership with Donaldson. The HRK10 filters are more than capable of withstanding the high flow rate and high pressures found in AMSOIL production lines. They also help the company meet its stringent quality standards while simultaneously improving efficiency and production capabilities. “We were filtering to an industry-leading standard, now we’ve improved upon that and increased production capabilities,” said AMSOIL Vice President of Operations Scott Davis. “We researched our options and found the Donaldson HRK10 to be the best.” While the service lives of the housings are still being determined, the lives of the filter elements are extended to offset the price of the element itself, a concept very familiar to AMSOIL customers. “These filters last 1.6 times longer than our old filters, which offsets the price difference and ensures the cost effectiveness of filtering AMSOIL synthetic lubricants to the highest quality,” said Davis. “We demand more of our filtration because AMSOIL customers expect an AMSOIL quality product.” The Donaldson HRK10 filters and housings allow AMSOIL to “polish” its lubricants one more time before they are packaged and shipped. The system of 30 HRK10 units ensures that AMSOIL synthetic lubricants are absolutely free of contaminants.

Donaldson HRK10 Filter