AMSOIL OE 0W-16 Synthetic Motor OilA reader asks: Will AMSOIL be coming out with a Signature Series 0W-16 oil anytime soon?

Our answer: It will almost certainly happen, but we wouldn’t expect it in the immediate future. For now, just the Honda Fit and certain Toyota Camry models take 0W-16 motor oil. So it goes without saying that the market for 0W-16 motor is currently very tiny. As of now, AMSOIL offers the value-packed OE 0W-16 Synthetic Motor Oil.

We expect that many more automakers will start to suggest 0W-16 for some models in the next few years. This would likely prompt AMSOIL to expand the 0W-16 offerings to the higher-end Signature Series and XL Series.

If auto manufacturers make a significant move to 0W-16 motor oil in 2021-22 (and that is plausible), it would expand the 0W-16 market overnight. But again, until more engines are designed for 0W-16 motor oil, we would expect that AMSOIL will offer only the OE Series version.