Harley-Davidson Milwaukee-Eight Engine

The 2017 Harley-Davidson Milwaukee-Eight 107ci motorcycle engine (photo credit: cycleworld.com).

Harley Davidson is offering a brand new V-Twin engine for the 2017 model year. The “Milwaukee-Eight” is just the eighth big twin engine design in Harley’s 114 years of existence. This new engine replaces the “Twin-Cam” engine that has been in service since 1999.

Correct AMSOIL Oil And Filter For Harley-Davidson Milwaukee-Eight Engines

These recommendations apply to all versions of the 107ci and 114ci Milwaukee-Eight engine.

Engine Oil- AMSOIL Synthetic 20W-50 V-Twin Motorcycle Oil is a legendary performer in Harley V-Twin engines and the Milwaukee-Eight will be no exception. Benefits include:

  • Cooler running temps
  • Strong resistance to thinning and shear down
  • Reduced oil consumption
  • Reduced friction for optimum power output
  • Capable of extended oil change intervals
  • Designed to resist rust and corrosion during winter storage
  • Highly capable for use in engine, transmission and primary chaincase

There is no better way to provide long-term protection for your Harley-Davidson engine.

Oil Filters- We offer two oil filter options that fit both the 107 and 114 Milwaukee-Eight engine.

  • AMSOIL EAOM134C- rich chrome finish
  • AMSOIL EAOM134- gloss black finish

These V-Twin oil filters feature strong construction, high-capacity and the ability to remove fine particles. The synthetic filter media removes 98.7% of particles at 20 microns (which is pretty darn fine!). This further helps with maximizing engine life. The high-capacity media holds contaminants over long intervals. You can depend on the heavy-duty construction of these filters to provide steady service over long journeys.

Correct Oil For Milwaukee-Eight Transmission and Primary Chaincase

Transmission Fluid- There are two options for the Milwaukee-Eight transmission.

Flip a coin between these two. The viscosities are similar and both provide outstanding gear protection and improved shifting. The V-Twin Synthetic Transmission Oil is specially formulated for those that prefer a dedicated transmission oil. The 20W-50 V-Twin Motorcycle Oil is designed to provide top-shelf gear protection and shifting. It has an advantage in terms of convenience and as you use the same product in all three holes.

Primary Chaincase Fluid- Again, two choices.

Both are proven performers. Choose the dedicated primary fluid or the convenient V-Twin 20W-50. Either product will keep your chaincase safe and sound for many, many seasons.

Oil Capacity For Milwaukee-Eight 107 Engine, Transmission and Primary

  • Twin-Cooled Head Engine- 5.0 qt. (4.7L)
  • Oil/Air-Cooled Head Engine- 5.2 qt. (4.9L)
  • Transmission- 32 oz. (0.95L)
  • Primary Chaincase- 34 oz. (1.0L)

What Is Different About The New Milwaukee-Eight Engine?

  • Available in three formats. 107ci (oil-cooled heads), 107ci (liquid-cooled heads), 114ci (liquid-cooled heads)
  • Now has 4 valves per cylinder
  • Two spark plugs per head
  • Now has a single camshaft
  • Redesigned primary chaincase
  • Heat is managed by cooler combustion and larger cooling fins
  • Engines have slimmer profile.
  • Engines are counterbalanced and rubber-mounted to remove some (but not all) vibration
  • New alternator system delivers a 50% charging capacity improvement
  • Idle has been lowered from 1000 rpm (on Twin-Cam models) to 850 rpm

Improvements Of The New Milwaukee-Eight Over Twin-Cam Engines

  • Runs cooler
  • Run smoother with less vibration
  • 10% more torque. Has a two to three bike length advantage over Twin-Cam models across the power band
  • More fuel efficient
  • Puts out less emissions
  • Less maintenance required (no valve adjustment needed)
  • Improved charging capacity allows for more accessories

How Does the New Milwaukee-Eight Engine Sound?

While Harley-Davidson took away some of the vibration by way of counter-balancing and rubber-mounting, they were sure to leave a deep exhaust note. The Milwaukee-Eight may be more refined, but it still sounds like a boss. Here is a sound file of the exhaust note from the good people at Cycle World.
Harley-Davidson Milwaukee-Eight Big Twin by cycleworld