AMSOIL Series 600 DOT 4 Synthetic Racing Brake FluidA reader asks: I would like to buy AMSOIL DOT 4 Brake Fluid. I live in Canada, but it seems as though nobody carries it up here. Do you sell it? Also can Dot 4 brake fluid replace DOT 3 if I flush out all of the old fluid ?

Our answer: Unfortunately the AMSOIL DOT 4 Brake Fluid is no longer imported into Canada. AMSOIL will not ship it to Canada, so the only possible way to attain it is to pick it up from a US address. It would probably be more feasible to buy a competing DOT 4 product in Canada. Motorcycle dealers are a great place to check as they generally carry a selection of high quality DOT 4 brake fluids.

For US residents, we certainly can sell AMSOIL DOT 4 Brake Fluid as it is shipped directly from a US warehouse.

As for replacing your old fluid, DOT 4 can replace DOT 3 brake fluid, but DOT 3 cannot replace DOT 4. Without knowing the particulars of the current brake fluid or replacement product, it wouldn’t hurt to contact the manufacturer of the replacement fluid to verify the compatibility.