Multi-purpose grease that is quite capable for general use may not be up to the task on your snowmobile chassis and suspension grease points.  Snowmobiles dish out severe operating conditions that may humble a grease that works fine in dry-land summer use.

Snowmobiles are exposed to snow, ice, water, freezing temps and extreme pounding. Here are the attributes of a competent snowmobile chassis grease:

  • ability to remain in place during long-term exposure to water, ice and snow
  • contain extreme pressure additives to resist wear and prevent “metal to metal” contact
  • cold weather “pumpabilty” and smooth, low friction performance in extreme cold

AMSOIL Synthetic Water Resistant Grease - New FormulaWe offer a tenacious grease the delivers all of these qualities and more. It is AMSOIL Synthetic Water Resistant Grease. It offers exceptional film strength, adhesion and shear resistance even while immersed in water. This grease is reasonably priced and can be used for chassis lubrication and wheel bearing service on any equipment in your shop on a year-round basis.

Here are some other ideal applications for this waterproof grease:

  • marine use and boat trailer wheel bearings
  • ATV’s and motorcycles
  • automotive chassis lube and wheel bearings
  • commercial and industrial use

This product is quite suitable for applications that aren’t exposed to water.

Check out our snowmobile product page for our complete line of high quality synthetic oils and fuel system additives.