We’ve heard of racing lawn mowers before, but this recent fun effort by Honda took things to a new level. The Honda “Mean Mower” broke the lawn mower world speed record by reaching 116.57 miles per hour! This effort smashed the previous record speed of 87.83 miles per hour.

Honda World's Fastest Lawn Mower

Obviously this machine bears little resemblance to the lawn tractor you might find at the store. Honda wedged a VTR 1000cc Firestorm motorcycle road racing engine into a custom chassis. In stock trim, one of these engines puts out 109 horsepower at 9000 rpm. The fabricated chromoly chassis was designed for rigidity and the wheelbase is stretched out to add stability at speed. Total weight of the unit is just 309 pounds.

To qualify for the record, the unit had to be capable of actually cutting grass. This tractor is equipped with a functional under-chassis mower deck along with a rear bag. We can’t be sure, but the rear bag apparatus may actually double as a clever rear fairing to aid aerodynamics. The bag itself holds the fuel tank, oil cooler and auxiliary engine rad. Honda accomplished this feat last month in Spain.