The other day we got a call from pro road racer Marcel Irnie of Kelowna. We shot the breeze on a number of topics including his 2012 season and his aspirations for 2013 and beyond.

Marcel really put himself through the meat grinder in 2012. Aside from clawing his way to 10th overall in the Canadian Superbike Championships, he also attended a number of US events. The grinding travel, a few heavy crashes and some nagging mechanical headaches can really do a number on one’s finances and morale. Marcel came out of the season with his first pro US win and is exploring some exciting options for the 2013 season.

A couple of weeks back he was able to unwind with friends by enjoying some early-winter trail riding in the scenic surroundings near Kelowna. His ever-present collection GoPro HD cameras allow us to come along for the ride.

[schema type=”movie” url=”″ name=”Dirt Bikerrr” description=”Megan Griffiths and Marcel Irnie ride Bear Creek trails on Remembrance weekend November 11-12, 2012. Bear Lake Main, Kelowna BC. Megan races a 2012 KTM 250, and Marcel rides his 2006 RMZ450 for the first time in 2012. Enjoy the snow ride.” director=”Marcel Irnie” actor_1=”Marcel Irnie” actor_2=”Megan Griffiths” actor_3=”Kyle Nowosad” ]