AMSOIL recently released this promotional video for their synthetic ATV oils. It features a testimonial by 6-time GNCC ATV champion Chris Borich. The Grand National Cross Country (GNCC) series is one of the world’s most prestigious off-road racing series. Held in various locations throughout the Eastern United States, GNCC races are 2-hour marathons that feature some of the most technical and difficult terrain imaginable. Over the course of these races, machinery is pushed to the absolute limits.

AMSOIL Synthetic ATV/UTV 10W-40 Motor OilBorich refers specifically to AMSOIL’s ability to preserve the clutch during these difficult races. By providing cooler operation and the steady viscosity, AMSOIL ATV Oil is able to reduce clutch slippage and fade. This has a dramatic effect on clutch longevity. So even in the face of extreme heat, racers enjoy maximum power output and vastly improved reliability. Chris Borich uses the exact same AMSOIL Synthetic ATV/UTV 10W-40 Motor Oil formula that you can buy.

These protective capabilities also extend to the engine. Again, with cooler operation and minimal oil shear-down, engines run strong all day long. Reduced friction also maximizes throttle response and power output.

AMSOIL’s Unbeatable ATV Oil Formula

To give you an idea as to the kind of abuse that Chris Borich and his fellow competitors put their ATVs through, check out the video below. It shows highlights of the GNCC ATV Pro class at the Snowshoe, West Virginia round which was held in June.