There is an ingenious new product on the horizon that can transform your pick-up truck into a “go anywhere” snow machine. The “Track N Go” system from AD Boivin Design Inc. looks to be simple and functional and it leaves us wondering why no one thought of this sooner.

The Levis, Quebec company is best known as the developer of the motorcycle-inspired Sno-Hawk snowmobile. They sold the rights to the Sno-Hawk concept last year and now concentrate on innovative suspension and track systems for motorcycles, snowmobiles and ATV’s.

Track N Go uses a drive system that is located between the tire tread and the track. After initial set-up, installation time is only about 15 minutes. We expect that this concept will get a good look from the oil, mining and exploration industries.

Though not in production yet, the Track N Go system has been in testing for over 3 years. They intend to put 10 systems through its paces next winter in preparation for a spring of 2013 introduction.  Models will be available for all full-size 4X4 pick-up models with a retail price in the $25000 range.