Kelowna’s Irnie Starts Strong in Southern California

We have been following Marcel Irnie’s motorcycle road racing career since the beginning (2007) and have witnessed his progress as well as the trials and tribulations that come from starting from scratch in the racing biz. His meteoric rise from showing up at a track day on a stock street bike to the Canadian amateur nationals in less than 24 months was a remarkable feat. Advancing up the ladder from there was the tough part. Marcel turned professional a few seasons back, but years of scarce resources and uncompetitive machinery allowed for frequent flashes of brilliance, but mostly a demoralizing grind. While some riders would have packed it in, Irnie’s passion for the sport and innate belief in his own talent drove him to persevere.

Irnie’s persistence is paying off in 2014. Marcel has finally secured sustainable sponsorship and competitive motorcycles. His 2014 season will be an ambitious, event-filled campaign that will take place mainly in the United States. His main focus will be capturing the #1 plate in the WERA West series. He will also be participating in the 3 race “Superbike Shootout” in California, Nevada and Utah, occasional AFM (American Federation of Motorcycles) events, the AMA Pro event at New Jersey Motorsports Park, some CCS (Championship Cup) events in the Eastern US. About the only Canadian event in his sites is the Canadian Superbike round at Mosport, Ontario.

Marcel started his 2014 season by taking part in the final rounds of the Chuckwalla Valley Motorcycle Association Winter Series. Chuckwalla is a raceway located west of Los Angeles. During the March 15th and 16th event, Marcel was able to capture wins in the Supersport Open and Formula Open classes, as well as a 2nd place finish in Sunday’s Supersport Open race. Marcel put together an on-board video of Saturday’s Supersport Open win (as shown below). While we can’t all be super-fast road racers, we can ride along and live vicariously for a while.

There is no question that Irnie is showing remarkable pace early on, so this should be an incredibly exciting season from him. We will update Marcel’s progress from time to time in this space.


Marcel has released two three more videos from the March 15-16 Chuckwalla event. The first shows him crashing at 100 mph out of Saturday’s Formula Open race and the second video show him shaking off the crash and coming back to finish second in the Sunday Super Sport Open event. The last video is an exciting battle to the finish in the Sunday Formula Open event.