We’re a little concerned that one of our customers might have a speed addiction problem. A couple of weeks ago, Trevor sent us pictures of his Dodge Charger Hellcat. At 707 horsepower, that is one angry car. If that wasn’t bad enough, he then passed pictures of his 2016 Polaris Rush 800 Pro-X snowmobile. While this Polaris looks like your average modern snowmobile, it is actually even more berserk than the Hellcat.

The Rush 800 Pro-X is equipped with the 800cc Cleanfire H.O. engine. Conservative estimates rate this engine at around 160 horsepower. For fun, let’s do a bit of math. With a dry weight of just 435 pounds, the Rush 800 Pro-X offers 0.368 horsepower per pound. The Charger Hellcat weighs 4560 pounds and puts down 707 horsepower, so it has 0.155 horsepower per pound of weight. Therefore the Polaris has a horsepower to weight ratio that is 140% greater than that of the Hellcat! One can assume that Trevor sports a mile-wide grin anytime he’s out on the trails.

The Rush 800 Pro-X is Polaris’s most serious machine for cross country, rough trails and ditch banging. Aside from the big power, it has Polaris’s advanced AXYS chassis and the long-travel Pro-XC suspension. The suspension has Walker Evans shocks at both ends. This sled is built to take very heavy hits at high speed. The 120” X 1.75” track allows for serious cross country work or surgical navigation of tight trails.

Once this unit is broken-in, Trevor intends to use our AMSOIL Interceptor Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil in this machine. This is a very wise choice. Interceptor delivers world-class protection for big horsepower 2-stroke engines, while reducing friction to maximize power output. Also consider that this engine is equipped with 3-Stage Electronically-Controlled Variable Exhaust Power Valves. For proper performance, these power valves have to stay free of carbon deposits. Interceptor is legendary for its ability to keep exhaust power valves kitchen-clean, further making Interceptor a brilliant choice. All in all, AMSOIL Interceptor is a perfect match for the Polaris Rush 800 Pro-X and a great upgrade over Polaris VES Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil.