Toyota owners are inundating their dealers with calls wondering if their vehicles are safe to drive in light of the latest Mass Recall of Some Toyota Vehicles for Sticking Accelerator Pedals. Toyota is recalling about 2.3 million vehicles and actually halting sales of eight of their most popular models. The issue at hand is the potential for sticky accelerator mechanisms that can be hard to depress, slow to return to the idle position or even stuck in a partially depressed position.

This issue is similar but unrelated to the large ongoing recall undertook by Toyota late last year which was due to accelerator pedals getting wedged under floor mats.

Vehicles subject to this latest recall are:

• Certain 2009-2010 RAV4,
• Certain 2009-2010 Corolla,
• 2009-2010 Matrix,
• 2005-2010 Avalon,
• Certain 2007-2010 Camry,
• Certain 2010 Highlander,
• 2007-2010 Tundra,
• 2008-2010 Sequoia

This is an opportune time to refer back to our post on How to Stop a Car With a Stuck Accelerator. This piece has tips that should be in the back of every driver’s mind regardless of the brand of their vehicle.