Old Ski-Doo Picture

This young fellow enjoys an afternoon on a vintage Ski-Doo (photo credit: crexmeadows.com)

Most everyone has fond memories of their first solo snowmobile rides. Even if those rides were confined to the yard or the field behind the house, the feeling of freedom that those rides brought was possibly some of the most exciting moments of your life. Whether you moved away from snowmobiling or owned dozens of machines afterwards, that first machine likely has a very special place in your heart.

Let’s share these stories! Tell us about your first sled and we’ll highlight it here and bring back those warm fuzzies for others that owned the same machine. Tell us about the year, make and model and we’ll do a brief profile. Also feel free to share your likes (or dislikes) about the machine, along with any special memories. If you happen to have a photograph, that’s even better!

Feel free to contact us at “info (at) oildepot.ca” or on Facebook. We look forward to featuring your first sled!