AMSOIL Arctic Synthetic GreaseA reader asks: Do you carry an equivalent of Mobil Epic EP 102 Grease? This will be used in medium-duty worm drives in both extreme winter cold and summer.

Our answer: We believe that we have an upgrade over the semi-synthetic Mobil Epic EP 102 product.

A unique aspect of Mobil Epic EP 102 is that it has a relatively rare NLGI grade of “1.5”.

NLGI # 1 grease would traditionally be considered a winter grease, while NLGI # 2 grease is considered a summer grease. The vast majority of grease sold is NLGI #2. For most of the northern half of North America, an NLGI # 1 grease can be used year-round in all but the heaviest applications.

While we don’t offer a semi-synthetic NLGI #1.5 grease, we think that a full-synthetic NLGI # 1 product would actually cover a wider temperature range.

Our replacement for the semi-synthetic Mobil Epic EP 102 Grease would be the 100% synthetic AMSOIL Arctic Synthetic Grease. Don’t let the “Arctic” title fool you. This full-synthetic, extreme pressure (EP) grease is very capable for summer use. Its synthetic formula allows for complete four-season use.

A Full Synthetic Substitute For Mobil Epic EP 102 Grease

AMSOIL Arctic Grease has an operating range of -59°C to 157°C (-75°F to 315°F). The Mobil Epic EP 102 product has an operating range of -50°C to 150°C (-58°F to 302°F). The AMSOIL Arctic Grease has a slightly wider operating range.

When it comes to extreme pressure performance, the AMSOIL Arctic Grease outperforms the Mobil Epic EP 102 product. The “4-Ball Weld Test” measures the load carrying ability of a given grease. In this test, a steel ball is rotated under pressure against three other steel balls. The amount of weight required to seize this steel ball against the other three gives us the 4-Ball Weld Test number.

AMSOIL Arctic Synthetic Grease withstands the 4-Ball Weld Test until 400 kg of pressure is applied. Mobil Epic EP 102 Grease stops out at just 250 kg.

In conclusion, AMSOIL Arctic Grease is much more than just a “winter grease”. It has a wider operating temperature range and a much greater ability to withstand extreme pressure over Mobil Epic EP 102 Grease.

We can offer AMSOIL Synthetic Arctic Grease at wholesale in Canada and the US. Contact us for a price list using the form on the page