Victory Motorcycles first entered the market as an answer to Harley-Davidson’s dominance of the American heavyweight cruiser category back in 1999. This was at a time when Harley was having trouble keeping up with demand and Polaris industries (Victory’s parent company) smelled an opening. As Harley-Davidson brand loyalty is every bit as much about the “Harley lifestyle” as it is about the motorcycles, gaining traction in this marketplace would be no small task. Currently Harley-Davidson commands over 50% of North American motorcycle sales, while Victory holds less than 5%. But as Victory enters their sixteenth season, the company continues to chip away at market share and build doggone beautiful motorcycles.

For 2015, Victory introduces two new models: a bagger called the Magnum and a bobber called the Gunner. A bagger is a touring motorcycle with saddle bags and a bobber is motorcycle with short fenders and a minimalistic design approach.

Victory Magnum

The Magnum is a brand new entry for 2015 that delivers touring performance with style and serious attitude. From the 21-inch front billet wheel to the lowered rear-end, the Magnum strikes a red-blooded pose at first glance. The wild paint, aero profile and booming audio system makes this bagger a touring bike that doesn’t have to ask twice for attention. The audio system on the Magnum is an essential part of the bike’s personality. This sound system boasts 6 speakers with 100 watts of power. The Magnum is powered by Victory’s Freedom 106 V-Twin engine and 6-speed-overdrive transmission. The Magnum is available in standard trim, the Ness Magnum version and the Magnum X-1 (which is available soon as a 2016 model). The Ness Magnum offers a premium paint design from the Arlen Ness company. The X-1 model will include an even crazier sound system with 10 speakers and 200 watts of audio thump.

Retail Prices

  • Magnum $21,999 US ($25,399 Canada)
  • Ness Magnum $22,999 US ($26,499 Canada)
  • Magnum X-1 $24,499 US ($27,999 Canada)

Victory Gunner

The Victory Gunner is a new bobber styled cruiser that combines classic beauty, nimble handling and outstanding power to weight. The Gunner’s most impressive attribute is its vintage-inspired good looks. The powerful curb appeal of the Gunner will be sure to turn heads on every block. The lightweight of the Gunner combined with the torque of the Freedom 106 V-Twin engine makes for a feral riding experience and no of shortage of passing power. The low seat-height and easy-reach cockpit delivers sure-handing at a crawl and at speed. We just did the math and concluded that the Gunner is a winner.

Retail Price

  • Gunner $12,999 US ($15,499 Canada)

A New Synthetic 20W-40 Oil For Victory V-Twin Engines and 6-Speed Transmissions

We have a brand new motorcycle oil in stock that is perfect for Victory motorcycles. Our AMSOIL 20W-40 Synthetic Motorcycle Oil offers several benefits for Victory models. The synthetic formula will provide cooler operation for air-cooled Freedom 106 V-Twin engines. The low friction formula also delivers maximum wear protection and optimum power output. The obvious benefit that the rider may notice is smoother shifting. The shifting of Victory 6-speed transmissions is notoriously noisy and rough in the first few gears. Harley riders have been raving about the shifting improvements from AMSOIL’s motorcycle oils for years we expect that Victory riders will have similar experiences once this oil hits the market.

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