The “Ride of the Week” for May 11, 2012 is Steve’s 1600 horsepower, tire smoking, asphalt melting, record setting Mustang drag racer. Just how quickly can 1600 horsepower propel you down the strip? How does a quarter mile in 7.6 seconds at 187 miles per hour grab you? Think about that for a second. Imagine going from a standing start… to almost 190 miles per hour in just 7.5 seconds! Steve and his Mustang have also scorched the 1/8th mile in just 4.98 seconds at 150 miles per hour!


Steve's Mustang Drag Racer
Steve set the OSCA EZ Street class 1/4 mile record in 2011 (7.61 seconds) and he hopes to do sub-7.5 second runs at 190 miles per hour in 2012. To be a competitive in this sport requires much more than just pointing the car down the strip and flooring it. It takes immense driving skill to harness power of this magnitude AND be competitive in a sport measured by 1000th’s of a second. It also takes tremendous technical skill to build a car like this and dial in the proper setup on race day.

Fifteen years ago,  this unit was a bone-stock 5.0L Mustang that achieved a 14.6 second 1/4 mile in its first pass. Over his first five years of racing, Steve got the Mustang into the 9 second range. Around that time, Steve’s insurance company indicated that they were not interested in underwriting his racing endeavors, so Steve took the car off the street and it became a strip-only racer. Steve then modified the car for the “True Street” class (winning back-to-back titles) and then progressed to the “EZ Street” class.

Here are some of his notable modifications:

  • Paul Silva Performance 302 CI engine
  • Precision Turbo PT101/88mm single turbo
  • 2500 intercooler
  • PTC 9.5″ torque converter
  • FatDog ladder bar 25.5 chassis
  • Edelbrock Vic Sr Heads
  • Edelbrock Super Vic EFI Intake Manifold
  • FAST XFI Injection
  • MSD 7531 Programmable Ignition
  • AMS1000 Boost Controller
  • Stainless Works headers
  • Dynamic Glide Racing Transmission
  • Double adj. shocks
  • Aerospace Brakes
  • Strange 9″ Rear End
  • AMSOIL Synthetic Lubricants throughout
  • Race weight 3250 lbs
Steve's Turbo-Charged 302 Mustang Engine

Steve's turbo-charged, inter-cooled Paul Silva Performance engine. This is what 1600 ponies looks like!












Here is Steve at the office!

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