Even to non-riders and casual observers, BMW motorcycles seem to be a step beyond common curb-side fare. The design and level of refinement is always striking and they are a decidedly more sophisticated motorcycle choice. The German marque has been producing motorcycles since 1923, so it’s no surprise that they’ve mastered their craft. Our Ride of the Month for July 2012 is a BMW motorcycle and that alone makes it interesting.

David's BMW F800ST

Our feature this month is David E’s 2008 BMW F800ST. This model is BMW’s entry in the mid-displacement, sport-touring category. It is designed to offer a combination of quickness, nimble handling and long-distance comfort. By all accounts, they got it just right. With a dry weight of just 412 pounds and an engine output of 85 bhp (and 63lb/ft of torque), the F800ST is certainly no lightweight in the performance department. This impressive power-to-weight ratio equals a scorching 0-100 km/h time of 3.7 seconds. The massive Brembo 4-caliper brakes bring it back to a stop almost as quickly. A highly effective wind-screen and exceptional ergonomics makes for a comfortable ride on long trips. BMW markets this bike for “Serious Touring” and it appears as though they back up their slogan quite effectively.

Interesting aspects about the BMW F800ST include:

  • 798 cc parallel 2-cylinder, twin cam, 4 valves per cylinder
  • a unique aluminum frame that incorporates the engine as a load-bearing section
  • a massive aluminum “one-sided” rear swing arm
  • an under saddle fuel tank that lowers the centre of gravity
  • belt drive

David has customized his ride with some exceptional aftermarket goodies:

  • clip-on bars from a BMW F800S
  • Traxxion AK 20 fork cartridge kit
  • Elka Suspension Inc. rear shock
  • Akraprovic exhaust
  • Rick Mayer Cycle custom saddle

These impressive additions would make David’s F800ST even more comfortable and better handling than stock. David lives up to the “Serious Touring” maxim himself. He is taking his BMW on a 12,000 km tour down through Utah and Arkansas this summer.

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